4.21 Spring Theme


I absolutely hate it!!! I am 57 years old and already have vision problems. I cannot hardly see this because it’s too dark. It’s like night time. What is wrong with pg? This is stupid.


:flushed::scream: I had to double check that I didn’t write that…

Oh it looks so beautiful just a bit dark for sure…I think it Atlas the moon is behind cover though…can I borrow your fish?


I’m certain this is worse than your previous message. If Jared saw this he would have been very disappointed. There’s not a single chance any of the PG staff would be fired for doing their job, correctly and approved to be released ingame. It needs tweaks, probably, but they don’t deserve such a punishment.
There need to be a much worse failure to deserve firing…


The theme itself (although I don’t get the reasoning behind a dark theme in spring) I don’t mind that much. I love the angler fish, but the water itself is getting on my nerve. It is looking psychedelic to my eyes and actually is giving me an headache after playing for a bit…hope you guys can fix that bit also, didn’t have that problem with earlier themes…


While I do love the rendering of the moon, I wonder if there is a way to incorporate something in the settings to be able to toggle back and forth between default map and whatever special season rendering?


this would be a wonderful idea :smiley:


Just give us an option to turn it off then you can tweak it however long you want. Plenty of us are flying BLIND!


It’s not so much spring as it is mythical land of the fae. To me it screams magic and nature which I think fits very well. They just need to work on how dark everything is from a visual standpoint. This could also have easily been a summer theme, just needed a few camp fires


Nitpicky artistic detail: The main thing that bothers me about this update is the lighter areas in the water which I believe were supposed to represent the reflection of the moon across the water - the moon which you can only see when you swap out a dragon during an attack.

To me, it looks like someone took an eraser tool on about 70% transparency and squiggled across the water, it doesn’t even move like the rest of the water does. I can barely see the motion of the underlying water through it.
I think it would help if the layer of the moonlight could be animated as well, or maybe be more transparent so the moving water beneath can more easily be seen.

I’m sure there are technical limitations involved, and I applaud the artists for thinking of it and trying.


I really like the new look! Those glowing crystals are a nice addition. Very tempting to shoot at. Lol
Thank you for the variety


HATE IT! I just won’t play if it looks like this. Might be a good time to quit dragons.


Seriously PG you thought this would be a good idea? Gimme a f’ing break.
White winter theme was bad enough but wtf does darkness have to do with spring anyway?
Damn just put some flowers around or something…
Game is unplayable…


I’ll just say this is way better than that orange madness last year :joy:


My thoughts exactly. Give us flowers instead of eye strain and headaches, please.
Some part of me still likes the theme, though… Maybe if the impairing darkness was less impairing then I’d be totally cool with it. Love the anglerfish though. Can we keep him? :smile:


You need to catch that lantern fish in your dragon’s claws to light the way!:joy:


I actually like the new theme but understand how it can be too dark from some. Surprisingly, for me, dark themes are much better for my eyes.

You can also see the moon if you go into a monument to add runes or boost your base.


Dragon Lords,

We heard the community’s suggestions and concerns with the Springveil map, so we implemented some changes. Attached is what the newer version will look like. Please keep in mind that this image is with the device set on 50% brightness. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their feedback!


I like the idea of all the green and the dark contrasting colors, but then the towers stick out like sore thumbs and its jarring. Plus I have to squint at it if I what to focus in on things; my eyes aren’t good with bright/dark contrast.


Oh that looks much better. The pretty green color is more noticeable.


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