4.21 Spring Theme


Green great but to dark anyhow when attacking


That looks great. I have my screen brightness set to the lowest setting almost constantly (I’ve got eyes that really hate light lol) but this new one is an improvement :+1:


Hmmm my brightness is below 50%,and I’ve yet to get this theme :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


Please just put it back to normal it’s barely playable for me… if I gotta deal with this for the rest of the season… well i prob won’t.


Now that looks something straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar! Much better and thank you for taking the time to listen to the community. It’s a great concept and I’m excited to enjoy it for the months to come.


This is too dark. It’s not even Halloween time for the new look. If it was for spring it was a fail. :joy::joy::joy:
Spring times you have light and dark green trees and even flowers on the trees. They got this really wrong. I can’t even see the ocean very well.


I can’t even see the moon at all in my game. I thought there was a hint of moon lighting behind the castle. But then I was like where’s the moon? :joy::joy::joy:


Me too :laughing: I typically use my iPad with the brightness set somewhere between 25% to 35% of the total brightness.


Ok so now it made my game restart and I have nothing of the springvale on my iPhone. No blue stones or highlights etc

but my iPad still looks springvale but lighter.


Too dark


I love it, the changes are great!


The latest change is a big improvement. I still have to run my brightness at max but I’m no longer flying blind.

Thanks for listening


The screen is much better now, thanks for brightening things up!


It’s even better. Thanks you!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Still no fish for me though


All the monuments are bright but poor Bounty Harbor is still in the dark :joy:


Nice change in the darkness , much better and still keeping the theme


while it slightly easier to use now I really don’t understand why spring is basically night at pg. and, given the quite drastic change, why there’s no toggle option


I love it now! The fish is my favourite. And the full moon is beautiful


Game isnt played only by normal ppl I have glasses due to my sight problems this new colours gives me pain in the eyes and headache . It would have been better it the update would come with two options : Night Mode and Day mode


How about dimming down those bright loading screens