4.30 Research Timer Fix

Hey folks,

We are in the process of fixing the research timers for all players that were messed up in the 4.30 update. This is not a credit of timers, but instead we are actually just moving everyone’s research time remaining forward based on the maximum percent that could have been lost.

Please be patient with us while this adjustment rolls out. We will update this thread once the fix is complete.


:thinking: Guess I should’ve waited. :see_no_evil:

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Same! I used my timer credit on my research :grin:

Were we suppose to reply to a certain thread if the timer count reward is under what the research timeframe gained?

My research shows it still has 5 days 22 hours left but it should really be done by coming Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I had started the research on the 9th (Wednesday) when I got enough green eggs. But I guess waiting two days longer isn’t a biggie since it’s taken months to get that many eggs. :woman_facepalming:

Still no credit of timers. When will all the credits be sent out?

Please read the initial post.

That was supposed to be posted under the construction timers thread.
I’ve been bouncing back and forth. Simply posted to wrong thread.
However, since I’m here. Let’s talk about being 3 to 4 days higher on research than I should be. (After the fix)
p.s. I still haven’t gotten a credit for construction—hence why I got confused and posted on wrong thread.

This will be rather interesting: I got 5 days added to my research, at the very moment I have 2 days left. So to make sure there is no problem with those 3 days, I just start a new, green tier one.

From Sarah with love :heart:

Go read the thread about that and follow the provided instructions.

You’ll need to submit a ticket for that. The fix to research time was based on the maximum possible research, so someone will need to investigate your account.

Ticket has open since hour 1 when the update dropped. Still waiting on a resolution.

Is this still ongoing? I’m lost as to what to do. There were/are multiple threads. I still haven’t received any timers or decreases in build times. I have NOT yet filed a ticket, just waiting.

@Lx460, if you haven’t received timers for build time increases, then please file a ticket.

Can this be sent to the top so people will see? Confusing messages have been given…we were told to post on forums and in other places told to send tickets.



The thread was also closed at one point as well.

@Sithstress, it is at the top of the post of the thread about building timer credits.

See here :arrow_right:http://forums.wardragons.com/t/4-30-update-building-timer-credit-thread/49196

Do agents actually read tickets or no? This is why I absolutely hate making tickets. Did I not describe the issue in enough detail? I’m sorry I don’t record everything I do in game or have a photographic memory. ¯\(ツ)

They just want to make sure that they have all of the necessary information that they need. To be fair, even when I read a ticket and see the information, I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. I know it can be frustrating, but they just want to make sure they don’t miss something.