4.30 Update - Building Timer Credit Thread ⏱

This thread is for feedback and concerns regarding the building timer issue caused during the 4.30 update. This thread will remain locked until the timer credit is distributed, which will be sometime on Friday, May 18th. :stopwatch:

Please note that this credit is strictly for buildings that were currently under construction and has nothing to do with research that was currently being completed.

We are aware that some players are reporting not receiving a credit, and our team is investigating. UPDATE: We believe we know the root cause of this issue and a secondary wave of credit for impacted players is being worked on.
UPDATE 2: The credit for players who did not receive anything in the first wave is complete. If you have still not received anything FOR THIS SPECIFIC BUILDING TIMER ISSUE and you had at least one building upgrading when you updated to version 4.30, please let us know below so someone can review your account.

For more information, check out our latest update here, here, and here!

Okay, so, engineers are going to need more time to investigate why a small portion of folks didn’t get their credits. It would suck to make y’all wait until we get to the bottom of this, so please submit a ticket with the following:

A description of the situation (I was supposed to be credited for the increase to building timers but did not receive anything in the first or second wave)
The building or buildings you were constructing or upgrading
The level of the building you were upgrading if you were upgrading it
How much time your remaining timer was increased by

Now, our team can look all this stuff up, but it’ll take way longer for you that way and I imagine you want to get your expedites and be on your way back into the game instead of waiting a day or two while your logs get audited.

If you received a credit but it was not the correct amount, please submit a ticket with the following:

A description of the issue (I received X expedites but should have received Y)
(If the X is 2x 3hr expedites that’s because it was for the sync error and you should close your ticket now)
The building or buildings you were constructing or upgrading
The level of the building you were upgrading if you were upgrading it
How much time your remaining timer was increased by

In this case an agent will document the situtation and let you know that we’re looking into it. We’re not issuing credits right away for this specific situation. Come Monday our team will be investigating the accounts that report this to see what exactly happened and why it went wrong. We will then make a determination on the best way to proceed (basically, what’s the path that’s going to get you your expedites without taking a billion person-hours to complete).


Did all the construction gifts go out already? I haven’t received one? Should I submit another ticket?


Probably give it a few minutes first and restart your game, I just got mine and seem most people in my team did as well.

To head off some meltdowns, there were TWO compensation gifts that are going out today:

  • 2 3-hour speedups because the game went down for 15 minutes yesterday
  • (some large number of 1-hour speedups) based on how you were affected by the building time reset

If you haven’t received the second, please be patient; they’re still going out.

This seems pretty reasonable; the only real injustice here is that we weren’t given 13-hour speedups. The “23-hour speedup” ( :wink: ) we were given is a poor substitute!


@Arelyna, I’m in the same boat as cold, are they still rolling out or has everyone that’s going to get one already received there’s?

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You’re just all into that 13-hour timer huh? :smirk:

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The people cry out for 13-hour speedups. If you ask every WD player what they would change about the game, they would all say (in unison) “It is perfect and fair in all ways, except the glaring lack of 13-hour speedups.”

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@PGCrisis @PGJared @Arelyna - I haven’t received compensation yet, is this still being rolled out? If not could you advise?

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So I had received the 2x 3hrs gift so waiting for the other. So will the timer roll back to what it supposed to be? Construction time / research time issue solved?

Verdaderamente yo no gasto ni 1€ más en este juego.
Me gusta mucho pero no saben tratar a sus clientes que somos los jugadores .Errores y errores que no subsanan y cuando lo hacen nos dan compensaciones muy pobres .
No me fío de gastar en un juego donde solo les interesa el dinero que gastes y no las personas que jugamos. Perdonar si no es aquí donde se responde a el hilo ,no sé muy bien como funciona
Nunca en los años que llevo jugando ,dieron compensación que este sujeta al los errores siempre es menos .

I only got credited half the speedups I was supposed to receive, I’m still missing another 5 days worth of speeds. I had 2 buildings going and each gained 5 days on them, but you guys only credited me for one building :slight_smile: @PGCrisis

After update tried to do a build and speedup, got an error message and it restarted. Lumber returned, but build never happened and speedups where gone…3 attempts at speeding up a 6day 7hrs build, 3 x 6days 7hrs worth of speedups…and for lose of time and speedups I just received 2 x 3hr speedups to make up for it…don’t see how fair or justified @PGCrisis

I’m as well waiting just relax give it some time guys n gal

is this a joke? 2x3hr speeds for 2 builds u reset🤦‍♂️

Edit wrong tag @PGCrisis ummmm?

I haven’t received mine, either.

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This might not come out right but how do you know how much time you lost? I think I lost about 10 days on one, but I couldn’t really say with certainty. Are you taking screenshots or writing it down?

Well I put in a ticket because it wasn’t even close. I got 607 1hr speeds. That equates to just about 25 days. Well heck just my ice flak that was jacked from 11 days to 39 is 28 days. Then let’s add up the dragon who was in the incubator, the research which was fixed as to the proper time but we lost the days run down from that. Oh ya and my second build that went from 10 to over 20 days.

Bottom line it was more like HALF of what this screw up cost me. It looks more to me like a number was just picked out of the sky. And I get it, sounds like a pain to actually review and give the right amount to each player. But if you actually forced the team to to that, maybe there wouldn’t be so many mess ups to begin with?! Just food for thought.

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