4.35.1 or 4.36? Edit: Now 4.38... and Apophet's road to recovery?


@SavageAFforPG What GPU does it use? Feeling lazy lol… actually I’d like that information posted here. As seen in my screenshots the Galaxy S8 uses the Adreno. If you have time, are you setup to pull a logcat?



Oops forgot which thread I was in. I meant to ask for the specs in the memory leak thread. :speak_no_evil:

No worries, I’ll take it there if you like as that thread needs a revival. Im going to runs logs on 4.37 this evening before I go to 4.38 (not really wanting to apply 4.38, I’d rather skip it when there’s a patch out, but would like to run logs on it)


Galaxy S8 has the Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540. I doubt it’s relevant that we have similar CPU/GPU as other games run perfectly on my S8 but good to see other specs. Only WD overflows the GPU memory.


WTF PG!!! Did y’all read this thread and now freakin’ locked out 4.37??? Just earlier today I was running the game with 4.37 and then, not long after I wrote the above quoted comment, I try to open and am FORCED TO UPDATE TO 4.38. Well hell I guess no logs for 4.37…and I am not inclined to install 4.38 until the issues everyone was having with 4.38 are gone.


They only allow a previous version to be used for like 24-48 hours after its published to both google and Apple typically.

Only rare situations where a build isn’t forced within days of everyone having at least a day or two to update.

Pretty sure it’s just that much time ticket by.


Not always the case. They can force at any moment they choose.

Although, I was kidding about my comment being the trigger :grin:


They started doing that far more consistently after years of players complaining about teams using updates to influence the outcomes of wars.

But maybe it was your comment…

I mean, did you notice https started getting enforced on the forums about a week after my comment that stealing game credentials was easy because of a “missing letter” in the forum URL?


I was writing something more detailed, but realized it was going to require too much detail and become too technical for here.


There’s a time for forcing updates; there’s a time not to… unfortunately some conundrums form when you factor in the track record of PG’s QC…

Allowing War or PVP event attacks if not updated and preventing players that DID update from joining those battes…bad any way you look at it.

Forcing updates as requirement to launch game. Better, but not the best method by itself if QC is sub-par.

I didn’t notice the coincidence with https but I did notice when it changed. Trolls are real, although they like to try and go unnoticed until time to strike.


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