4&5 Long Kill Island

Hello all,

Would love some feedback & suggestions on this.

Front section
FF - lowe dragon damage and have shorter range
RM - cover everything
BM - target blue spells asap
IF - silence white spells for howie
Orrery- shield and being annoying

Back section
Orrery - shield and being annoying
IT - none projectile damage and shield
Plylon - damage buff and none projectile damage
Howie - 1 shot
RM - cover everything but orrery

7th and 8th is for whales :joy:

Where are you getting 7&8 from? :sweat_smile:

Or baby towers (which seems the case).

Not that useful, and expensive, real expensive unless you use Embers to upgrade it


IT is debatable for me right now. I keep it because I have 2 mythic rune for it and none for other right now. I also have a lot of ice shards.

What would you suggest?

Base seem to hold up pretty well on atlas

Current glory for the season

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Looks solid.

Only thing is the ice turret which isn’t as strong as some other towers. But at your level you don’t need to be focusing on building all 10 towers equally, so focus on the higher priority towers for now. Only increase the level on the turret where you need to increase your base level in order to uncap your builder hut. You can decide at a later point whether to still keep the ice turret or switch it out for something like a 2nd ice flak or a blue mage or even if a new tower comes out by then.

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Absolutely agreed with you there. I do prioritize only 5 towers in front and level up back section when my builder hut is locked until breeding.

I ce Turret is an on going debate for me to keep or switch out to another blue or IF. I’m holding on to it because I have Mythic rune and 3 Legendary rune for it :sweat_smile:

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Another IF for sure.

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Will do, as soon as I have more rune to replace those IT mythic rune I have

To be honest, replacing your IT with an IF now even without any IF runes or glyphs would actually make your base better off.

Hmmm, I’m considering it

I hit 16m reward already. Will work on this next fort. Thank you for input.

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