4.60 Issue - Huitzil Explosive Aegis Cooldown Info + Updates


I am extremely disappointed at what developers has done here. I have spent so much money and time on this game and I do not (no one does) deserve this kind of crap. I have paid for a dragon, spent so much time and money on atlas to get gears for Huitzil and now this dragon is nearly useless. What is the matter with this company? Have you guys no shame? Hopefully this is a mistake but if developers purposely did this shame on all of you! This is really low even for you guys.


Hey everyone,

Thank you for your immediate reports of this issue. We have confirmed what appears to be the change you’ve all mentioned here.

We are implementing a fix that will return Huitzil’s cooldown to 0 seconds. This is effective immediately once the update is pushed (this is a server-delivered update, so there is no requirement to update your game to receive this change).

This should be happening as soon as possible. ETA is within the next hour.

4.60 Release Issues and Updates

Thank you


Renamed the title of the thread for clarity @Xsweeptheleg


The fix for this should be live. Please hard quit the game (not reinstall) and let me know if you’re still encountering this problem.


It is working now. Thank you!


Thank you very much for the response. You had me and I’m sure many others extremely upset. Taking the time and money to get a Mythic Dragon is an investment for many. To get him, have him weakened to a point that with defenders is bad enough. This change would have made him terrible without defenders too.

I’m sorry but right now he is the only Mythic Vanguard in the game. He should fight like it.

Thank you for your quick actions on this matter,


Thank you PGJared and pg team for fixing this. I will continue to enjoy the game again :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ And I apologize for showing my frustrations.


I had the same issue but now I don’t :grinning:. Thanks.


They just really hate this dragon lol :man_shrugging:t2:


Can you look into the Invincible balahm glitch due to a spell combination. I can elaborate on said combination if you need


Regarding the Balahm invisibility bug. First reported here. https://forums.wardragons.com/t/is-this-a-bug-from-the-update-or-something-else/62635/8 Tickets has also been sent. @PGJared @PGCrisis


I defended a run today and the attacker still had a cd on his shield (the attacker used huitzel).


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