4.92 Bugs and anomalies

Post your bugs here. Please no angst or excessive chat, let’s keep this to just reporting bugs so it’s easier for PG to manage, review, prioritize, resolve and release fixes, ok?

As always, try to be specific in reporting the problem.

Bad bug report: “This doesn’t work.”
Good bug report: “This doesn’t work because when I enter a valid number and click the ok button, nothing happens”

When possible, please follow good bug reporting format as well, such as:

Brief but useful description of the problem (title for the bug)

Device Model
Device OS

Steps to reproduce

  1. do this
    2, do that
  2. do another thing

Expected Result

Actual Result

Workaround - if you know something you can do to get around the problem, mention that here.

Some discussion of issues should be ok, but if we can keep it to mostly bug reports, that will really help with the triage.

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Adding troops to prims doesnt add hunt power like its supposed to

Device Model - iPad 4th gen
Device OS - iOS 10.3.3

Cannot join battles or defend myself or others.

I’ve noticed quite a laundry list of issues so far. It would be a lot of typing to do a properly formatted bug report for them all, so I’m just gonna toss them out as I can remember them.

Known: hats increasing at crazy rates. The number wraps around after a while. It makes building troops difficult. The server seems to validate the number you CAN build, but I’m not personally sure if it validates the correct number or not because I’ve been too much of a chickenshit to try a troop build.

Beasts: My level 14 Destroyer can’t hit half the beasts. I would think I wouldn’t need a Silver Expert to hit the beats in our level 5s. The hunt power requirements seem rather high.

GP: lvl 373 top Atlas group (#2 I believe) gives me 70% GP in NML. Really? That should be 100% IMO. GP in general, at least for higher level players is massively nerfed. I’m not going to play if the only ppl I can get 100% GP off are Harvinator, JL, etc. I will leave the game.

Known: new male avatar seems to have overwritten the headless horsement w/background avatar. This makes it available to those that haven’t earned the new male avatar yet.

Primarch movement over short distances is very slow. Moving to a castle that is adjacent takes over 10sec? I’m not sure how well long distance movement is working (it was supposed to be a lot faster). I wish PG would just set a reasonable flat movement rate and leave it instead of jerking our chain every 3 months on movement rates. There’s no logical reason for a primarch to move slower when the distance is short vs long. Are they powered like a 3 cylinder Yugo and it takes a few miles to get up to speed or what? :roll_eyes:


You can increase the hunt power of your primarch by assigning troops to it.

That is not working.

Oh, well, that’s unfortunate.

Yep. Just checked, it’s not working correctly.
1000 additional troops just increase my hunt power by 16 points.

I’m having the same issue as well. it seems that 1 sec is taking a little too slow

Spell glitches: Sand isn’t sticking, blinks and reverses are not working.(I’m not the first to see it.)

The xp boost from infrastructure is not being applied to beasts as it’s supposed to. Also I’m not sure if it’s intended or not but the levels of beats seems to be completely random.

Oh and the shards payout on Atlas elite is x2 when it’s supposed to be x3.

I’m not sure about the other two, but PG noted that sand, vines and chains would have some issues for about a week… IIRC, you have to wait to cast until you’ve fully completed the turn.

Alright, I’m trying to get all of these here ticketed ASAP. Please bear with me as it will take some time.

For hat regen, this hopefully should be resolved for everyone within the hour.

Sand is not sticking at all now. I’m getting this info about blinks, reverses, and sand second hand from Lurtus–who I generally trust.

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Actually, based on their original numbers, that is working exactly as intended.

However, they are now working to increase the points troops will add.

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Only seeing beasts populate in neutral zones, NML, and zones with my team castles. Not seeing beasts in any other neighboring regions or allies regions.

You aren’t supposed to. You get 2 beasts per castle you own. And they populate in NML and NZ 2 per castle

You don’t see anybody else’s beasts except your own. Not even teammates. They are yours and yours alone

As far as I can tell, this is a specific issue for only me.

I’m not sure if beasts are in the same specific location for everyone on your team, but this specific beast is the only one on this piece of land, and when I tap on it to battle, the central, radial menu pops up and closes instantly.

I don’t think anyone else has been having this issue including my teammates as they can clearly see and attack TWO beasts in this same region.