4.92 Bugs and anomalies



This happened to me too twice. Figure it’s an issue with select beasts only. I was able to move to another land and hit there instead


They sure fixed this bug fast. I wonder why only bugs beneficial to players seemed to get fixed so quickly? :thinking:


Yes, I’ve been able to do that as well. I’m a bit stubborn because it’s the only wind castle we have that isn’t level 2 :frowning:


Ah yes. There is a short despawn timer too (1hr I think?) So maybe just wait it out? But I’ve definitely let people know it’s happening


Do your beasts randomly go up and down in level as you hit the same one repeatedly? I’m still not sure if it’s an intended mechanic to be random or if it’s a bug.


Thank you, I just reread the 4.90 release notes.


Primarch travel is much much slower, travel time roughly 16/9 as long as before.

Bugs with Noxious Vines and Ethereal Chains not limited to what was described (unable to shoot on turn). Instead, they will randomly “stick” and have to cast multiple times in a row to clear the spell. Have not tested with Sand as well yet.

Xp bonus from infrastructure is inconsistently applying to Beasts. The information popup implies beasts get infrastructure bonuses (unlike poachers) but actually getting them is not 100%.


Definitely noticed the longer primarch travel time as well.


Your actually aren’t hitting the SAME one. Beasts are now a one-shot deal. When you destroy one, another will respawn, but it might be a different level.

There is a maximum of 8 beasts per area per day.


That kind of is what was described. The way those spells work, if they don’t apply the disable effect, the spell doesn’t clear. When you fire too early on the turn (currently), it’ll damage towers but won’t disable so the spell doesn’t clear. It’s kind of weird, yes but you basically get 2 free casts of vines if you time it right! Definitely not ideal but that problem is exactly what PG informed us about and there should be a fix coming soon. For whatever reason the damage window is unchanged but the disabling window got wonky.


Also, many of the beasts give less gold than my gold mine. Don’t know if that’s a bug, but I only see up to level 11 beasts right now. Level 6 and below all grant less gold than the mine.


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Not really sure if this a real issue or not but I recently just joined a team right before the update came out and atlas access was cut off. So far I’ve gotten atlas back and moved to my new team’s castles and such but when I look at the info for mines it doesn’t give any gold bonuses or Xp bonuses.


Those buffs aren’t available until you’ve been in the team for 24 hours :slight_smile:


Oh ok lol thanks.:pray:


Egg mission. Harbinger balloon and elite account. Is this ok?

@PGCrisis @Arelyna ticket #1473817


harbinger is 1.55x multiplier

20 x 1.55 = 31 + 31 if you have elite

you have the correct one




So it is random then? Well that sucks, why would I want to hit a lower level one if I can hit much higher for better rewards? @Arelyna please reconsider the random beast levels. We dont like random.


Wow those are awesome riders


Does anyone face crash issues when you’re in atlas?