4.92 Bugs and anomalies



Everytime I touch anything in atlas the game shuts down, I cant even get to my open ticket in help it will freeze.


Android - Samsung S8

I have the zepellin mission of loot 49.2k lumber. I did 4 raids in the latest 2 hours and every time is showing in the summary screen after the attack the infamous circle (of death), and the lumber/food is not credited. Effectively I can’t do that mission, and is the higher one


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And why is that a bug?


It is off topic :rofl:


I have beasts lvls 29-26, which will pop up without any system(in lvl meaning)
It can be lvl 29,28,26,28,26 etc etc
Without any increase of lvl or decrease
Also! In same region I have beasts lvl 29 max
And my teammate had them at lvl 35!
Also,i can’t see any increase in shards payouts
I’ve been getting 16k before and I’m getting same 16 +k now
Just more gold(which we were already overdosed with)
Is it intentional or is it a bug?
Also,having same glitch as someone listed,which won’t let me hit beast at all
I don’t need another type of shards,I don’t want to move to mine them in another region,because we have only one lvl 5 wind
Any solutions?


Seriously speaking every single tap in atlas game freezes immediately and no other way to close game and reboot.


16k shards :drooling_face:


I hope I’ll have the revenge quest tomorrow :rofl:


1.6 x 10 (per 100 troops) is 16 so it’s working as advertised.


the game FREEZES randomly and constantly.

this requires that you hard reset the game couple of times. never had this issue ever before this update. so this is really annoying me because i would be flying, typing etc and just freezes the game.


“Attacking Beasts gives the same XP multiplier as attacking a Mine.”

I read this as I will get the same XP bonus as mines. Now this is not the case - no XP bonus. Just the same XP as from Poachers. Extra XP is given only on Mines. Or this is about x5, x4 and x3, which are given once a day?

@Arelyna, could you please clarify?

UPD: apparently, the bonus should present - just noticed XP with the same percentage as on mines among the list of given bonuses - but there is no bonus itself.

Also mentioned here - Beasts Don’t Give Any XP Boosts 🤔


Yes, perceived 1.666 as one thousand and six hundred sixty-six. My bad. The latter did sound too good😂.


Not anymore - increased to 0.5 per troop, luckily - otherwise had to use expert sieger with 50k troops just to attack 21 lvl beast :slight_smile:


This started to work again


They haven’t updated probably


Loading screen stops and gets stuck at 79% when trying to open anything in Atlas… Also super laggy…


There’s an issue with the map whenever I try to hit a beast…it doesn’t load besides where my primarch is. And even the beasts in the region of my primarch can’t eben be hit. And no, I didn’t use all 8 of them so I should be able to hit them. Isn’t the worst thing in the bug world, but it is a little annoying. Restarting the game and force quitting doesn’t fix it either…

Nothing in atlas works either once this happens. Been going on for about 30mins now. Third time so far.


Trying to get as many things as I can ticketed regarding issues in Atlas and the regular game.

You can always check tickets or open one via support.wardragons.com

Thanks for the heads up! Will get this ticketed as well.


Can we get a response to the xp issue please :slight_smile: thanks for the answer for this as well.