4.92 Bugs and anomalies



If it’s about them not giving the same XP as mines, I already answered in the main 4.92 thread. I already have it on my list of things to bug people about or that is already ticketed.


Okay thanks, did not see that. Thanks :+1:t2:


No problem. There’s a lot of threads to sort through.


Has anyone else noticed replays for incoming attacks aren’t available? When I look at my list of recent attacks I have option to attack back but no option to replay the attack.


Atlas Bug
Here’s a video of what happens. Also can’t hit any mines in atlas…which I really hope is fixed before the season starts


New bug


That is 2 different runs… Both have the join attack tab which is right in the way of attacking towers with a hunter…


FYI, a fix for primarchs feeling slower was just set live. Does it feel better?


Yes it seems much better, thank you.


This morning I hit 5 beasts in the same area, there were more available to hit after that, now there are 0 in that area after 5 hits this morning and 0 since


I have Negative sigils. Was at -250 and the went to -150 after claiming a team award.


Thanks for the heads up. I already have ticketed for the engineers to look into.


This not being able to hit more than 5 beasts in one area is getting quite annoying especially if a team does not own more castles of a certain type.


This happened to me a few times before this last update. Really is annoying when you can’t cast spells far enough out front.

Restart and it goes away.


Anyone else having problems with vines and death gaze? I hit some farms with vines on my way through then followed with ember. Death gaze did not fully kill the farm…has happened at least twice today.


They already announced that there’s an issue with vines not sticking. That however does not cause dg to not kill farms.

It’s time to upgrade your ember, level 6 ember can’t kill geared farms anymore, especially not 75 ones.


Well crap. RIP ember.


Awww :cry: Oh well, that’s why Sylphen is in my roster :laughing:


Hey any news on when a fix for the beasts not giving xp boosts is gonna be live? Or the fix for atlas not letting me build or finish troops or attack mines as I showed earlier in this thread?


I had a very weird run:

I was flying Zappy (you may know it as Equestor) and there was an ice flak by the Seagazer Perch. It hit me and it disabled all my spells permanently for the rest of the run.

the acquired spell was chain lightning, so I had full rage bar and 2 grey lightning bolts