4 players Looking for team

4 players looking for an ACTIVE atlas team…platinum or above.
English please
Our levels are 442, 487, 458 and 383


Hello Maryfkpopins,

We have three spots open on TheR0undTAble. We’re a platinum IV team with atlas (just got it recently).

We get 5/8 team prize and 7/10 team chest. We do better during fort and breeding events. Sometimes we get top 10 ranking in pvp events.

Please apply if interested :relaxed:


**TheDestroyers1 Platinum 2 are looking **

Juggernauts is platinum 1 and have available space


TheFamily1034, p3-4. 3 castles.

Hi, my name is PhoenixHunter or Phoenix or ninja for short I’m officer on Madteaparty we are a pretty interesting group. We get 9/10 chest constantly when we are all active( pretty much always but not around the holidays) and we meet 7/8 and 8/8 during fort and sometimes breeding, our requirements are simple and easy. WE DO HAVE ATLAS we are pirates though so don’t know how that will affect your choice. Everyone is great here. Apply please and give us a chance. Plat 3


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You have to get down to platinum to see the state of it.

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Hi Mike,

That’s because have simple requirements (12k event minimum) to make it achievable for everyone on the team :smiley:

Of course, we do encourage teammates to achieve higher :sweat_smile:


It’s worse than you think mike :man_facepalming:

GenocideDragon could take all 4 of you - we’re plat2 and active in main game and atlas. We’re a little quieter at the mo due to holidays but generally chatty and friendly.
I’m pointykitten in game

We have a spots on PeritusDraconi. 1472 daily egg tokens. Castles in all elements. Lots of raiding, glory deliveries, and castle guard swaps.

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Check us out dragon ohana

The unknown army is recruiting as well :facepunch:

I know Dragonhelpers1 is recruiting sapphire 3

I’m not sure what is worse, the state of this game or how sensitive forums have become that they flagged my last two posts on this thread :joy:


may be they know you never gonna leave your team🤠

DragonRapture has room for all! Message me in game RapturedSouls for more information! Platinum 3 English Atlas active!

maybe not, i dont know mike. :pray: