4 questions about the best way to do seasons and events

Q1. Should you open chests gradually or all at once? And if so when?
Q2. Should I save all my sigils for the end and decide then or start a line right away?
Q3. Why do all pvp events suck?
Q4. Should I always get the hunter Devine?
Thanks for the help!


1. It all depends, if you need inners and packs for pvp open a few during pvp until you get whichever prize you are going for. If you are a low level with limited resources you might not wanna go too far up and cripple yourself for the next pvp event. Example, this past tug of war event I went up to 20k points and stopped there because going any further would leave me struggling on the next pvp event.

I believe breeding is the one with the highest sigil drop rate as well as egg tokens.

2. You want to get the eggtoken bonus early on, other than that unless you are going for the discounted dragon you probably do want to save your sigils in case a good drag shows up along the way. Again if you are a lower level with limited resources, the discounted dragon might be the way to go, you will still get a decent dragon to help you carry you through the early levels, and more prizes since you will get further into the line.

3. Idk, I like pvp events xd lots of bronze chests.

4 Nah, while most of the community agrees hunters are usually better due to their burst dmg, that doesn’t mean that it will always be the case. Wait it out and let others test it for you, see how the community feels after a month or so, first impressions could be deceiving.

  1. Breeding is generally good for game progression gold chest drops. But yes depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want sigils, save rubies and the end of season for sigil chests is better.

  2. Waiting doesn’t hurt as more information becomes available and decisions will be based on more real world feedback.

  3. :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

  4. Most competitive people will always go for hunters for the burst damage. It’s almost a ritual now. But if you like flying warriors or sorcerers, who are they to tell you what to do. Sometimes I get a dragon because he/she looks pretty. It’s your game :muscle:t2: So my suggestion for this question is really get to know what you want. For wars? For rss? For wars? As lead? As follow? Etc. Get these questions down, picking will be a lot easier. Kinnarus is a good dragon for rss runs for a long time, as well as easy PvE dragon during some battle events. Just don’t do well defended. Know what you want and it’s gonna be fine


Like people said. It depends on so much.

Are you mythic hunting?
Are you trying for max sigils each event?
Are you looking for progressing through lineage?

Depending on what’s important to you changes the answer completely.

Want to breed more then wait for breeding.

Want to go for a mythic. Then open them but by bit in events to maximise what you get points wise. If you have enough resources then don’t open.

There MIGHT be a theoretical best time to open for sigils but I don’t know it.

Honestly I would set a goal, I want to achieve x. Then we can probably give you a final answer

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Just pointing out its 4 questions not 3.

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(as usual) I remember @Red posting something about season strategies according to your Goals …anyone find the link and post it here? That was a pretty smart way of deciding what to do imo.

I gotcha.

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I’ll be honest that’s the only part I feel really qualified to answer. The other parts I don’t really feel I have much to add

Was talking to the OP there. His thread title says 3qs and he went ahead and asked 4 :joy:

And this ladies and gentlemen is a classic example of me being bloody thick.

  1. During energy/IF PVP events. Tokens and Timers you get all the time. However energy and IF are things that can help you in all PVP events and will help you do well in ALL events by opening during those events. Although you may not get as many tokens as you would during a breed for example due to the lack of egg fragments. Overall it will work out in your benefit from all the other event points you will get. Also it will be a bigger help to your team.
  2. Only save them if you for sure dont want one of the discounted lines and you are unsure what you do want. But always get the token boost asap.
  3. Because they are just Cash grab events now. too long and monotonous.
  4. Probably, but to actually answer this it would depend on your level. Warriors and Sorcs are kinda useless past sapphire. But there are always exceptions if a dragon has a particularly good spell set (or if the hunter has a bad spell set).

Sorry i didn’t read the whole thread so if someone else already said this i didn’t intend to duplicate the response. Also this is just one opinion. but i tried to give some justification for my answers as i went.


A. Oops I’ll fix that
B. Not everyone is male (including me)

As to B, that’s kinda how the language is defined (fair or not).

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I like to save my chest for the next event open them in the beginning then save them for the next event. That way I get the variety of rss. Sometimes I skip a week; for example fortification. I may not be leveling that week so I’ll save them for the upcoming pvp.

Waiting until all the Dragons are revealed is typically a safe method. That why ya don’t wait till the very end.
On Dragons…you gotta go with what you love to fly. With the exception of outstanding anomalies (like necryx). I love sorcerers cause I love my spells. But I make my selection based on what looks the most fun to fly. I do take into account what others suggest, but at the end of the day I’m the one who is stuck with my choice so I gotta make myself happy.

I like PVPs. Gives me a chance to get out of my daily grind for egg tokens, gold, or exp runs. Sometimes the game gets monotonous, and PVPs gives us a chance to challenge ourselves and our dragons.

  1. While hunters usually are the best, there’s always the risk of getting snowflake or whatever that useless season hunter was.

Snowdrop. But at least the avatar was kickass :laughing:

to be fair, Snowdrop would have been ALOT better is HM runes worked at the time… but they didn’t.

Hey, I still use powder puff err, snowdrop. Just need to heal him.

Just to add to the OP’s questions,

If the goal is just to maximize the efforts to get that Mythic dragon by end of season, what would be the best rules to stick by? So far I’ve got

  1. save up rubies for sigil chests end of season and
  2. Breeding event has the most sigil drops from chests.

Anything I’m missing?