40 member 1 mil prize never gotten

Okay we hit the 40 member 1 mil team prize never got it missed the 500 sigil prize because of Pg glitch !

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Out of the 40 that got it was anyone a new recruit and their points didnt count towards it? If a new member was swapped in after the event started it could have caused that issue. Not saying that’s what happened but its possible.

No new members everyone is eligible I have screenshots of all and everyone of the 40 that it the 1 mil is eligible

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Hopefully they will make it right.

@Arelyna may be able to help with this if CS is not progressing it.

I hope someone can help :disappointed:

Ask for the issue to be elevated if it hasn’t been resolved by now.

Thank you Pg :grin: thank you !


Happy it worked out :+1:

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Sorry I didn’t comment on this thread. We were looking into the issue and trying to make sure people got what they earned :slight_smile:


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