40k + 30 Gold chest r 12k Sigs worth spending money?

Hello all,

Seem like the pack is getting better, is it worth spending money on ??

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Is spending money with no hope of a return on investment worth it? Probably not

If you have $100, like war dragons, and want to support PG it’s one of the better packs


Return on investment here for me is faster progress and less time spend grinding haha

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I guess my question should be, is this a good pack released from PG, or is there better and I should wait?

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One of the best I’ve seen so far


Yeah… packs dont really do that for you unless you’re spending a crap ton of money. One pack has very little benefit to actual progress.

If you would normally get the red card packs then this is basically the same deal except you cant buy them 500 at a time


I think this pack is pretty good.

If you save the 40k rubies for super sigil packs on the last 2 weeks of the season and use sigils on buying the 600 draconics from the festive line you can get quite a lot of bang for your buck.


I have no idea why I find this ironic but it probably has something to do with whales being rich. I know they made the game what it is today but it’s not progressing decently anymore.

Even if it’s literally overpriced to me it definitely seems half decent for the amount of sigils 100 dollars would give you but a complete waste on your wallet.

have you taken your meds

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