422 level player looking for a Home

Time Zone: GMT+5:30
Played time: 2yr
Age Range: 23
Elite Account?: Sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: Naja morak faf etc
Highest Lineage Dragon: vanurald

I was in a break and I re join game at this season so now
I need an active and strong team where ppl like to talk and help eachother …

My expectations
-8/8 achievement+ quests prise 9 or 10
-In atlas 1k+/day token

-Base level -422 (Dp _4b+)
-Troops - 360k+
-Team quests 5/5✓
-Team achievement 7/8,8/8 ✓
-Language English/Hindi/ gujarati and for other I have Google translator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also will b ok in a gold leage team too if team is good in atlas :muscle:


Looking at it, you’d probably prefer P2+

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Hey, We are looking for active new players to join our wacky but friendly family. Join us!

We offer

  • S3
  • 11 Castles, in every element.
  • 42% gold bonus and 29% xp bonus
  • Castle guard swaps every pvp event
  • Happy to teach anything you want to learn
  • Great 5ta and a bigger alliance

What do we ask?

  • Last team prize to be regularly achieved in every event.
  • All quests to be done daily.
  • Highly active in both main game and Atlas.

Come, fly with us!


@moderator I found my team so Stop this ad :+1:

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@moderators ^^^ :chunk: