435 looking for a team

Language: English
Time Zone: I’m from Australia
Played time: at the moment only active but will be very active
Elite Account?: both
Dragon Roster Includes: Xul and will get mythic this season
Highest Lineage Dragon: got Abyssal can’t hatch yet tho!

Looking for a team that gets 8/8 5/5 ( must have 8/8 tho weekly)
I’m not the biggest atlas player so not the biggest attack active team but I do some atlas daily…
I have 355k monthly kills at the moment.

Btw SS is a awesome team I’m just not active enough in atlas to stay there !


I would recommend my own team, but sadly we don’t reach 5/5 or 8/8 but we’re working on that.

If you’re looking for team I would reach out to @Doombringer and see if he has a spot open in Blackflaggers. They’re a pirate team that also reaches 8/8 and 5/5 or pretty damn close to it

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You might be a good fit for my team: PeritusDraconi. Currently Plat 1, we get 8/8 5/5. We have a bunch of castles, all elements. Fairly active in atlas, but we don’t have high atlas requirements. Nothing crazy like Sandslingers :rofl:

If you have any questions please message me on line: Lathra, or in game.

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whats ss monthly kill requirements?1m?

I will submit this to leader hopefully you’re chosen

@SoulStealer73 you’re so good to us :relaxed:

How are things? Message me in game sometime

1.4M in glory event or kicc.

I feel that evil didn’t get a perfect chance to explain why he left and the stuff around it-but I can say he’s leaving on good terms and I’m happy with that


oh thats nice.1m troops right?hahahahah

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