466 and 390 Lft

LFT – 466 princeSitting on alt team at the moment looking to go diamond`


Time Zone:est
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:both
Dragon Roster Includes:lusian,ronin,pathox,itzani
Highest Lineage Dragon:lusian

About:Names prince yes im sorta a ass hole at times love to have fun n fly drags :smiley: left team and officer spot had enough looking to go to well established team with wifes account which she is a 390 and in vanguards looking for a team with good shard % on all elements one that loves to have some fun any questions message me in game is best

I have full elite gear on my perch
i have legendary gear and elite gear for all elements and i do love me some hunters and i am ready for the new tier :slight_smile:




XXbohicaXX is looking - see me in game and we can interview Marshmelooooo


If it weren’t for people like you we’d all have to :poop: out our ears, and that would be :face_vomiting:

You perform a vital function.



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@moderators u can close down

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