4th Anniversary Giveaway Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the Anniversary Giveaway.


:partying_face: I think birthday’s are great, let’s have more. I suggest a team birthday prize on this closed thread. I think would reward team loyalty. Right now the only thanks someone gets for staying with a team or a team staying around is well nothing.

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Dodo plushy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Why we gotta have a social media account :weary:


Would be nice to win

You don’t, everyone can enter their IGN to be considered. Extra entries are provided for the other actions. :slight_smile:

It told me sorry you need IG/FB/something else to verify you’re a real person when I tried :confused:

Oh, sorry about that, Shimo! It should also allow you to verify through your e-mail. Please try again and let me know if that’s the case!

How do you enter the Giveaway?

There’s a link in the other thread,

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Thank you!

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we have to complete all 10 entry mission?

No, you don’t, but can. the first one is enough to participate, just as Crisis explained a few post earlier:


Mutlu yıllar :hugs:

A total number of players on a line graph would be cool to see; the fluctuation of active accounts from the time the game launched till now. Number of players on y and years on x.

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