5.29 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

We’ve made some small quality of life updates, and tied up some loose ends this release. Your Sepullas are going to be more useful, your dragons will look better, and we’ve led all of the Eclipse Wave 1 Dragons into their eggs so that you can hatch them as soon as the season starts!


  • We’ve added fancy new art to the bonded dragons screen! Dragon backgrounds now match the dragon’s class
  • There is also new art on the New Dragon Discovered screen after the egg hatch cinematic plays, start breeding those dragons and check it out!
  • Eclipse Wave 1 Dragons have been added to the game to be released on Dec. 1
  • We’ve adjusted Sepulla’s runes to be more relevant following the dragon’s buff



  • You’ll no longer face a cooldown on Dragon Missions if you successfully complete them


  • We fixed some VFX issues with Lupin’s Thunderous Shield



  • Vignettes have returned to the Egg Hatch animation sequence, they’d disappeared for some reason
  • Watch videos on your Team Wiki page without issues! Go ahead and schedule that watch party, the video embeds are up and running

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