5.40 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

Hey gang! You can find the 5.40 Release Notes here: Version 5.40 Release Notes

We will be back tomorrow to see if there are any questions or make any clarifications!


So, Ikaros is fixed?
Tell me you didn’t fix the super OP Ikaros glitch I’ve heard of tho lol

I doubt it fix

Is that why I’m getting these errors? I don’t see an update in the store yet

That was from the 2 new portraits being released. At least, that was the cause for me earlier.

Hahaha pg is great at screw ups lol that’s why I don’t check forums any more and soon I am going to quit the game

Goodbye :wave:t2:

Game is basically unplayable since the install of 5.40. Need to attempt every action 2…3… or 4 times to stick.

Did this not get fixed or was it specifically for Ikaros? Because with Nebulon his Evil Glare spell is greyed out when I only have the invoke shot left


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