5.80 Release Notes

Hi gang,

Not much to report on the player-facing side of release notes this time around. We’ve done some work under the hood to help with game stability and lag reduction.


i noticed :slightly_smiling_face:
atlas lag has decreased ,right ?

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The Atlas team has been doing some incredible things to reduce Atlas lag! We’re seeing lag down across the board - so that’s a big win :slight_smile: - I only wish we could get rid of it entirely, but you know… dream big.


Screenshot (135)

thx so much :blush:

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Hopefully one of these years y’all can fix the game redownload once a day when ya try to log in 🤦🏼 I mean it only takes 2 hours clicking thru every drag, spell, every portrait and quintessentially everything


Are they ever going to fix the lighthouse glitch where we cant kill it after turning onto island 2? We used to be able to and then when we got the immortal monuments glitch the lighthouse was never fixed. It can only be killed from island 3.

Not anywhere near a priority of any kind, just a rather annoying glitch that has been ignored for like 2 years.

I think that was also the glitch that moved the target location on the base castle in atlas from the base of the castle to the top of it.


is there any chance u can now play on laptop, as i am on laptop most of the time :pleading_face:
i know u may not have control over that tho :sweat_smile:


You play on WHAT


perhaps u misunderstood :eyes:

No I understood, just never heard of anyone playing on one. Do you use an emulator or what?

All Saturn is saying is he is on a laptop a lot and wouldn’t it be great if he could play on his laptop. He’s not saying he does it.


That would make way too much sense 🤦🏼


yup ,i tried tho ,would get stuck at 99% loading on preparing for battle

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So annoying that… the wall hit box was changed too, drives me nuts on my ipad.

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Do you have atleast 4-5GB of free space on your device?

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I got 13GBs free on my phone :sweat_smile: I’ve had this issue with the game since I first got it in 15’


Are you on android or ios? This has never happened to me in the two years I have been playing on iphone and ipad.:man_shrugging:t2:

ios, been playing for 6 years on and off. must be nice.

Thanks for the 2,000 :gem: gift :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


To be fair, it got much better over the last few months. Now we could add one more thing to fix: failed to train troops, failed to set home 🥸