5 different suggestions

Hello, i don’t want to open few threads so instead i thought i can claim them together in one topic. Here they are:

1 - To be able to change the team name and icon once a year (or once a season).
There are too many teams, and atlas adds a lot of features, and is a need if you really want to improve yourself. Since there are requirements to get the atlas (being at least a certain amount of time in sapphire), you can’t just leave your team, and create a new one. It would be useless without atlas. Also takes a lot of time for the teams already were in platinum which are created years ago. I assume it also would take at least a couple months for sapphire teams, of course in the case that every member of the team accept to create and try to get back into sapphire… So it would be really appreciated to be able to change the team’s name and icon once a season or let’s say once a year.
EDIT: Here the thing i tried to say is, there are a lot of teams created years ago, and not happy either with their names or their icon now.

2 - Seeing the defense power while preparing
There are bunch of stories, but to not overshadow and not make the people miss-understand me, i am just suggesting a quality of life improvement by seeing the defense power of the target while you were preparing for the attack. This doesn’t change the result of if you can take down that base or not, but makes you to prepare yourself. Also would be very helpful in atlas runs, since we can’t see the base before the attack (if not searched ofc).

3 - Bird’s eye view for the followers and defenders
This one i think deserves a new thread. It’s the basically looking from a bird’s eye as a follower or defender.

4 - Removing the boats is okay but why also the monuments that drop chests
After you activate the setting to remove the boats, there are also some monuments being undestroyable like the first monument in the atlas runs, or the one in front of the 3.short islands in normal runs. I think they should be stay the same, since all players want chests just not the other small rss when they adjust that setting.

5 - The fast is better?
Atlas is already a huge thing for the people to try as fast as they can, but the events shouldn’t. The phenomena of “if you’r fast you take the points, if not your teammates” makes the people to heavily discuss in the same team. Isn’t it suppose to trigger the teamwork? There is a competition in the same team. The solution is really simple:

  • for gauntlet - put a count down on the islands, while they already have a certain amount of hp. For example, after the team takes down the 7th island, that team’s members can still attack that island for the next 15 mins let’s say.
  • for kingdom wars - the same, regions have a certain amount of hp (please not the bases inside of that region), because it puts another thing to fight on the table. After you take that region, give 15 mins more. If that region is taken by another team 5 mins after you take it, sure than reset when they do it.
  • for temple raid - nothing to change.
  • for fight pits - nothing to change.



PG uses the unique team name to track information about the team so I don’t know if changing it is a good idea (though I’m sure some people would absolutely jump at the chance to change the team name).

As for changing the icon, you can do that whenever you want :upside_down_face: (But only the team leader can do it.)


Oh really?! Thank you i didn’t know that :slightly_smiling_face:

Changing the team icon regularly to make it harder for your enemies to find you quickly is a common occurance in the upper leagues :joy: It’s not unusal for teams to change the icon several times over the course of a PVP event.