5 flame attacks don't register on opponent's base

We are warring Ghostleaders and have 5 flamed TStarkGL no fewer than 4 times. None has counted. The defense points count though :roll_eyes:. It’s been hours, so waiting for them to register doesn’t seem fruitful.

People on that team told us there are problems with this particular account that might account for the this. In any event, this needs to get fixed ASAP. I already put a ticket into support but they still haven’t responded to my ticket from 36 hours ago.

@Arelyna @PGJared @PGCrisis @PGEcho please help.


Hey Spooky! I just sent you a PM

Thanks Arelyna. Sent you a return PM.

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Yes digital chaos I apologize but I have no idea what I said going on with my account. I have been sending support messages since yesterday at 2 pm central time. I can’t attack anyone , it doesn’t register, my token quests will not clear , builds won’t stick , when I am able to log in , everything I do rolls back like I wasn’t in , in addition it seems like no one can raid me and I can’t raid anyone it’s very bazar , I have uninstalled and reinstalled like 6 times , logged in and out of Game Center , restarted device multiple times
I am at their mercy , but I have lost a day of progress and am costing our teams war issues . I apologize but I have no idea what to do I’m at supports mercy

@Arelyna hi. We are having the exact same issue. Could you please let me know what solution is posible, thank you.

@TstarkGL and @rovnik, if you can send me a PM, I’d appreciate it.

@Arelyna pm sent to you

Yes …They don’t count for me or anyone who attacks me , I have been
talking with support since Friday afternoon, I can’t do anything in game,
as soon as I collect tokens clear token missions, anything, it rolls back
like I wasn’t even online , I have uninstalled and reinstalled and followed
other steps support suggested but nothing works

I had that happen once, and I actually managed to force the servers to update by launching my account on a different device. I know they say you shouldn’t do that, but at that point I figured, “what could it hurt?”

It was rolled back to where I started, but then when I made the changes and quit, the changes took, and the servers/account seemed to reset itself.

I’m just throwing that out in case you have that option.

Do you get a sync error? Or do you have the defender rider on a perch with construction time reduction? I don’t remember reading that it was fixed, as people were reporting that it was still broken even after it was posted that it was fixed.

Though with what DRintheSky posted, it seems unrelated to the perch :zipper_mouth_face:

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