$5 for 520 Sigil gift

Yeah, twenty characters

should be 888 for maximum luck :innocent:

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RBU (10char)


By my math this is a good deal! Its roughly the same average price per sigil as is obtained by opening super sigil chests with rubies that you bought in a big pack.

But unlike the super sigil chests the element of luck isnt there, so you know what you’re going to get. And the increment is smaller so you can do just 1 or just 2 packs.

I might have to invest in this. Good thing I have an alt with which to gift myself LOL. Can you buy them more than once for the same person?


Appears you can. Not sure how much I like other people to test it out 100% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It doesn’t work… I didn’t get the 520 sigils

So let me see. Gift today. But for PG instead of the players.

Okay, so first of all, PG releases another dragon, after they said here would be no more dragons. Then they release sigils in the store. This looks like an attempt to literally sell a dragon right before the season ends.

This would’ve been a good thing to release a month ago. But with 3 weeks left in the season??? Really???

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It’s a gift - you send to either a teammate or another player. Not buying them for yourself.

Edit - I guess you can buy for yourself through an alt. But still technically a “gift”


Its supposed to be a valentines gift. You buy them for other people, not yourself. So what people are actually going to do is use their alt to buy them for themselves.

PG should have seen that coming so maybe they will just go ahead and make it possible to buy it for yourself. After all, love yourself first right? @PGCrisis


So then what are the red envelopes? Is that where the sigils are? They way it looks… it is like the other stuff in the store. What is listed is what you get : 520 sigils. It doesn’t explain what the red envelopes actually are. Oh well, it was only $5…

Someone got the 520 sigils… Just not you. Who did you send it to? Time to hit them up for some reciprocation!

Incidentally, it is possible to buy Kirin’s entire line during Breeding using these packs for $118.99 (assuming that you play the game in US dollars - prices vary somewhat in other currencies).

That is probably the best deal I have ever seen from PG. Normally they charge WAAAAY too much for stuff.

They might be getting $118 from me…Which is really saying something since I am an elite only free player…

I don’t know what you are missing on the screenshot.

Red Envelope
Contains 520 sigils
Cost $4.99

Description: Gift Red Envelopes to your friends.

What other meaning do you need from the store if I may ask.

It takes some time for our servers to deliver gifts to every single player’s account, so it could still be on its way to yours. We are delivering a gift to everyone’s account separate from the Red Envelope gift, which you can purchase for other players. :heart:


Reasonable prices and a gift for everyone? I’m not sure what’s gotten into you guys but I like the change. Happy valentines day!


Like telling your valentine, “Hey sweetheart your gift is at the store you still need to buy it though. Happy Valentine’s Day!” … SMACK


Well, PG never did offer to be my valentine :sob: . Why did they favor you?

You have to gift it to someone else! :joy:

It said I got a gift from someone it was the 500+ Sigils
That is not the gift from PG, right?