5 yrs 5 accts 19 keys and 25K rubies later, a F2P Ikaros has landed!

Very exhilarating. I’m gonna post the vid in a sec. I thought Ikaros flies like Dross. He does not and I hate his red spell which I forgot about. I’m good with hunters and invokers but who’s the top Ikaros flier. My channel could use some love and the community’s support :grin: SturdyGrip On War Dragons.


Congrats :tada:

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Give him some time I’m sure he will grow on you

Congrats! Is this your first mythic? The first mythic is always the hardest to get, but it gets easier with each one.


yes my first seasonal mythic lvl 350 had to go F2P for my channel


Probably adalxxx

Congrats, I know how it feels. I Was too stubborn to collect rubies for a mythic but since hauhezen season im high enough to get a mythic each season :slight_smile:
Enjoy Ikaros, I will probably go for him too, a challenge is always good =D

Ikaros is nice
If you fly it right defender can do absolutely nothing to stop you


i really wanted to have hau when i was in game and i tried so hard for that(no money😁)
i reached 8 keys that season
not got him then next season come with calavore i was level 91 or two i belive
when pvp up i always hit with normal( coz i dont had much energy to do super and highly depend on wild fire)
choosed electrum branch and thats the only one i spend my sigils during the whole evet nd the branch hador/ plenty gold chest to go with next pvp

finished the whole line before ssc arrive nd been waithing for my rubies to give
dere is one kye with mission boost with marav six keys
so i endup with lacking six keys for my cal
murtok was there still
no money material involved
just in game
happy hunting.

Hope you will enjoy Ikaros!
It’s all in the practice :blush:, give it some love and im sure you will rock the dragon.


Congrats, there is something special with first Mythic :grin:


:roll_eyes: looking at neglected Ronin


nice. its the auto attack feature that made me lazy. I’ve been flying a 2 lvls from max Rajin with gear nicely runed up with the Dr Manhattan looking rider every since. I’m a hunter type of guy so its all coming back to me. I still miss flying Gunnar and Rashka. All time fav was Gargula.

I confirm, ikaros may seem almost impossible on the first day, but with practice and perseverance it truly becomes an unstoppable dragon. on my channel I have published a guide on how to use it, if you are interested :muscle:


I for sure watched you vid

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its not getting any easier yet :laughing:

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