50% discount drag bug


I was making an spreadsheet on the sirgils I need to get a mythic. While making it I noticed the discounted line doesn’t cost 15.000 sirgils but 15.003 sirgils. This is because of prize 71-76 cost 125 sirgils in the non discount dragon line. And 125/2= 62.5 sirgils…and you can’t get half sirgil…
Now the question is how do we get 3 lose sirgils…since otherwise we will have 2 useless sirgils we can’t depend on anything.
The best solution should be to change 3 of the 6 prizes that cost 63 sirgils to 62 sirgils because that would sort out the 3 sirgils, but if that is possible… no clue…



You are complaining over 3 sigils?


Probably rounding them off that’s why I didn’t think nothing of it but I ain’t complaining


I don’t know about you, but I have played 6 seasons so far, and there was not one when I didn’t have some leftover sigils I couldn’t spend on the last day.

Since we have the Team quests that reward us with 10 or 15, this shouldn’t be a problem.


2 letover Sigils are a Problem and - honestly - just look ugly.


You can’t seriously be complaining over the aesthetics of having a non “-5” digit at the end of your sigils are you?

That almost tops the original poster for dumbest posts of the year.


Lol wut? Of all the things…

If it bothers ppl that much, don’t claim it while discount then.


I wouldn’t call that complaining.
And these are the Forums… I mean, we can talk about stuff like that without taking it too seriously :see_no_evil:

EDIT: I mean, I wouldn’t have started a new post here for that, but I don’t find it too disturbing to have one


Well, if anyone ends up not getting the mythic because you’re missing six sigils, I bet y’all can just revive this post and you’ll get your six sigils then :thinking:


Problem solved :joy:


Maybe they could ask support to remove the extra 2 or 3 sigils instead :rofl::rofl:


I really want to mark this as a solution…


Are you going off what is in the game or your excel formulas? If you dragged (drug?) your formulas down, it might have made a couple cells increase by 1.

Here’s a chart showing the cost is actually 15k sigils: chart is wrong.


Lol how can you add up 6x63 and get a round number? 6x63 still is 378
And honestly though I don’t mind but still find it weird that it isn’t a round number.
And yes I expect it is a rounding problem as well, just think they may not have thought about it since it is automatically calculated



couldn’t resist…
flag away :joy:


3 / 15,000 is 0.02%

And Lutrus, there are small errors in the chart at the end:
475 - 63 = 412, not 413
350 - 63 = 287, not 288
225 - 63 = 162, not 163


If you time how much we are looking into this, those are the most expensive 3 sigils in game


As an accountant I say that is well below materiality and is just a write off. :joy::joy:


Fair enough. I’m on board, let’s make this change happen!


Lol I agree with you there it is immaterial but just though to put what I found on forum. Didn’t expect people to respond like I couldn’t count lol. I didn’t calculate it, excel ( or numbers in my case ) did it for me