50% discount drag bug


Now if only I could get everyone in game to send me their 3 extra sigils…


OCD at its finest LOL


Nah just updating the excel to keep track of sirgils owned and needed to know if getting a mythic is viable. Was only 15min work so no ocd just me keeping track of things PG doesn’t do for me


Yeah, I can tell you’re not OCD. :joy:


This isn’t a complaint, but a serious issue! I honestly can’t imagine ending a season with like…two sigils. Can PG please sell us two black pearls to match? Or two blue rider shards? Or two embers? :joy:

In all seriousness though; don’t take this post tooooo seriously. It’s just an amusing feature someone deigned to point out.

Rounding, public enemy #1 of those who obsess over such details! :rofl:


You can’t come into the forums with a post like this expecting the math wizzes to not jump all over it lol


A : They aren’t happy due to 50% discount isn’t accurate
B : Since the last part discount makes it not accurate, just discount the first part.


I don’t see why everyone is mad at the OP. If PG said they would charge you 1 dollar for something but it actually costs $1.03 some people would be mad. Three cents isnt a big deal but its more than they said it would cost. Likewise, I know 3 sigils aren’t a big deal in the big picture, but if PG says it costs 15,000 it should only cost 15,000 :man_shrugging:.


right…but you wouldn’t care if you dropped 3 cents on the floor, would you? there are more important things than 3 sigils…


I’m not arguing 3 sigils (or 3 cents) are important I’m just saying something cost what it costs. I would be mad if they charged me 1.03 instead of $1 if that’s the advertised price (and taxes aren’t included) just out of principle. So I kinda understand where the OP is coming from.


Can someone help me finding official post from PG mentioning that it’s 15,000 sigils?

If it says 50% Discount, rounding up to nearest integer is justifiable IMO.


3 cents over 1 dollar is 3%. 3% can be significant. 3% of 15,000 sigils is 450 sigils.

We are discussing 0.02%.

HUGE DIFFERENCE buddy, but good try :slight_smile:


Even charging me $100.03 for a pack that says 100.00 would make me mad just from principle. is that a better % for you :slight_smile:


I deal with issues like this everyday on both sides. For instance if I’m reconciling a bank account being off a few cents is a write off but I have to put it in the recon to balance it regardless. On the flip side when I’m putting together reports for the board, $1 million variance is just rounding.

Also while $0.01 is insignificant by itself, imagine receiving $0.01 from every person in the world. That would be millions of $$$…

  • Each of these Legendary Branches will cost 30k Springblossom Sigils to complete. They include a hefty increase in prize quantities, found in the tables below.

In the TLDR announcements says 30k even. which would mean 15k even for discount


I’m not seeing the word “even”.


15k covers anything from 14500 to 15499, so seems they’re fine then.


If you are going to be that literal it doesn’t say 30k even. It states 30k which could be hiding rounding variance of up to 499 since 30,499 would round down to 30k…


As I mentioned before. I don’t need a “conclusion”, rather formal statement from PG that it’s exactly 15,000.

We assume that 50% of those 30,000 will always be 15,000, omitting the fact that there are some items with odd cost prior to discount, in which the cost of those items need rounding.


if they said “about 15k” or about 30k i would agree. About means they have chosen to round. Stating something costs 30k means exactly 30,000. So one should conclude that half means 15k which is 15,000.

The definition of using the K: As such, people occasionally represent the number in a non-standard notation by replacing the last three zeros of the general numeral with “K”: for instance, 30K for 30,000