50% discount drag bug


30k does literally mean 30,000 by definition. You don’t replace other integers with the “k” just zeros. Otherwise you specify what the exact number is, or use a word to mean you’re rounding, for instance, “about” or “like” 30k would be appropriate.

Like I said earlier I’m not trying to start a fight I’m just saying if something is supposed to be even, then the OP has every right to make this post and not have an angry mob with pitchforks chime in about how wrong he/she is.


I’m honestly going to be annoyed for the rest of the season with my sigils ending in 2 or 7. I wouldn’t rather pay full price, but it’s still irksome :frowning:


I have a new suggestion just ensure that no one survives the odd ending numbers:

Something that drops extremely rarely 1 sigil. Yes, just one. In a similar manner to the beasts dropping 1 blue shard once in a while, this new feature could finally fix the split hairs of this thread.


But! But what if I HAD sigils that end in either 0 or 5 and I got one of those random ones? :scream:


Thank you for asking.

I’m not evil, just support equality. :crossed_fingers:


I haven’t seen an angry mob anywhere. People have been playful about a very insignificant variance. I didn’t even take the OP as being overly concerned about it but maybe a little annoyed at the variance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

You can personally define 30k as being exactly 30,000 if that’s the way you assumed they meant it but that is still an assumption on your part since only PG knows their true definition of 30k. I work with numbers everyday for the last 20+ years as an accountant and in my experience 30k can be 30,000 or even 29,580 whether or not any additional words to qualify the exact number behind it is rounded or not. It all depends on the circumstances and what the originating individuals intent was with the number. So basically I am saying we are all correct based upon what we assumed from PGs post.

Sorry I’m long winded but not many times I get to discuss and relate work to fun. Lol



I can do that too! k meaning kilo means 1000.

[ kilo- ] : THOUSAND a salary of $24 K


are we really arguing about 3 sigils? is this what happened when atlas is down? LMAO


Welcome to the metric system, you have learned a new letter.

However, “k”, “thousand” and “1 * 103” all still have the same implied precision, which is up to 500 deviation.


Isn’t this the occasion for a poll? “Is this the best topic of the year?” I vote yes


if the correct verbiage is used around it I would agree, However if I was selling something and told someone I was selling it for 10k I wouldn’t accept 9501. I Likewise if I was buying something I wouldn’t expect to need to bring 500 extra in case they mean 10,499 without saying. I would show up with 10,000.

Guess we have to agree to disagree that when PG says something is 30k that it doesn’t mean 30,000. :joy:


But do you accept the car advertising that states it is under $10k for the low low price of $9,999?? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


yes I do. because that number (without taxes) is below 10, 000.


Tuesdays are slow :man_shrugging:t3:


Dont fall for that sleazy used car salesman. He’s selling you a lemon. :joy::joy:


I think its time for a vote…right @mechengg ?

  • It bugs me that 3 sigils are missing
  • Who CARES about 3 sigils???
  • I want Pie

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:rofl: That’s why i like Carmax… you pay what you see. no haggle pricing. and they don’t use K’s… they tell you its 16,499 not 16k :thinking:


The problem with polls that inclued “I want pie” as one of the options… you’re going to have obviously skewed results :rofl:


shhhhhhhh, pie for the winnnnnnnn