50% discount drag bug


I’m still looking for the van with the unicorn sneezing rainbows… I bet my 18 yo stepson would love rocking that to school.


Pie solves all problems. We need more pie.


Would sneezing glitter and farting a rainbow work?


That would work perfectly lol. If only I didn’t have to drive his truck occassionally to pick up stuff that wont fit in a car trunk.


THIS!!! PRECISELY!!! THIS!!! #freethesirgils


I’ll just say I accidentally opened (paid for) one extra atlas badge chest during an open frenzy (yes I make mistakes too). Now my chest number always ends in an odd number. Drives me nuts… :joy:


you know you have horrible OCD :rofl:


Well… 3 more sigils then advertised…
I will not be getting it then! False advertisement.


I’m a tight ass. I’d find those 3 cents. Besides if I did it 33 1/3 times. I’d have my $1 back.


I wouldn’t want to be an jerk, but did you really open this thread for 3 sigils? XD


With the greatest of respect, if you’re goal wasn’t to be a jerk, why would you pose this question? Just like when people start sentences with “With the greatest of respect”.


yes, but I didn’t ask to you; why do you put yourself in the middle ?? :slight_smile:
it’s just a kinder way to ask



Well, for a few reasons:

1.) The OP is a teammate.
2.) The post was clearly not a lament of the failures of PG, but rather an observation that many of us with OCD will have noticed, but not shared.
3.) When the choice is to be a dick or not be a dick (thanks @mechengg) one’s default should be not to be a dick, despite the rampant incivility on the forums,

all of which resulting in you being called out for your dickery.


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I didn’t care about this topic until now:

Now I care. #giveusour3sigils!!!


Other option is to see if support can remove 2 of them? :thinking:




You honestly expect PG to give you 3 extra sigils :rofl::rofl: But I could see them taking away 2 (possibly) 7-2=5 which is back into OCD friendly territory :sweat_smile:


That is disadvantageous for me, I don’t have ocd that strong :rofl: