50% discount drag bug


:thinking: I don’t think it’s possible to even get a 3 sigil drop…

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OMG my OCD would so kick in… :joy:


It’s pie day and my teacher gave us 3 to eat during class today


Imagine earning precisely 15k sigils during discount period but not being able to finish the discount dragon. Scuffed content.


My thoughts exactly




Ok now it’s getting annoying. @Crisis @arelyna any official comment?


I vote everyone who has a number of sigils that doesn’t end in a 0 or a 5 be granted enough to reach the next amount of sigils to even things up. I don’t want to see 7s or 2s for the rest of the season :triumph:


I think it’s safe to say now that the OP had a valid point in making this post :joy:


Make a ticket :eyes:


Ohhhh, I guess I will have to do that!


What exactly did your ticket say?


Out of curiosity, I tried :roll_eyes:




Problem will come back when you do your next line - so seeing that I’m lazy, I think I’ll just leave it… :rofl:

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:roll_eyes: Getting 3 more sigils won’t hurt (was tempted to ask 13, but I think the other 10 is my own fault :rofl: )


I’d much rather they fix this by making the last prize 97 sigils.

@Crisis @Arelyna can you make this :point_up: happen?

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No it only happens to Haku because 125/2 is 62.5 and it rounds up the three times it appears. All the other lines are 0s or 5s. :3


Alternatively, they can make 3 prize worth 150 and 3 worth 100 (or 130 v.s. 120). That way, we don’t need to worry about scaling


Oh yeah - discount…oh well :man_shrugging:


I also tried. I basically said that it would drive me nuts if the entire season was spent with my sigils either ending in 2 or 7 instead of 0 or 5 and so could I please get 3 extra sigils? And they said yes since it’s impossible to earn sigils that aren’t distributed in a multiple of 5 :sweat_smile: