50% of seasonal dragons

Hi im new here and i wanted to know if they will do a thing like they did for kirin and i think 1 rider of 50% of their seasonal sigles so i just keep saving them or spend them as get them

They said Kirin was a specia holiday thing and we wouldn’t see that this season.

The 50% off rider was, correct me if I’m wrong, the very first rider we ever got in seasons and I sincerely doubt they will ever do that again.

No more discounts will happen on anymore Springveil content. I do not know what Summer season will look like yet for those. Usually, they are at the beginning of the season.

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Grogg was 50% off as well for the first two weeks

That’s what I am talking about. Grogg was our first seasonal rider…right?

Yes but for some reason I thought you meant to say this seasons 50% off rider (oskana) was the first to be discounted. But IIRC even Kayla was 50% off making Tor and Terris the only riders offered without any discount

All riders now are 50% the first page (but not the whole line like Grogg) so it’s not really 50% off. You’re making my brain hurt right now. I need a nap

Valid point, but the gear isn’t the rider :grin:

Oh I remember. What I was talking about was they made Grogg discounted again after the initial advertised discount time that season and it was a whole hot mess. That’s why I was saying they likely wouldn’t do that again.

I wish they would! That was a fantastic sigil rebate check :joy::joy:

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