50% off base boost branch

Would anyone else be in favor of the base boost being the 50% off branch for Fall Season? Since it does not have the same carry over as last season, I know a lot of people I have spoken with would enjoy this. IMO it would be better than another dragon most only go after for cheaper resources.


While I like the idea in theory - the timing of the base boost and its move to week one have discouraged me from going for it - I wonder at the side effects.

This makes base boost more accessible, which is good. But as a result it also makes it more of a requirement to stay competitive, and draws an even sharper divide between those who can get the whole line quickly and those newer players who take the whole season to get through a single line.

I kinda get the feeling that it’d be like the gear problem all over again, with a discouraging gap between the newer players and the more veteran ones.


I think this option would only work if players could choose between two discount lines, the standard dragon or the base boost.

The base boost is quickly becoming “mandatory” for those who want to be more competitive or in the higher leagues and those leagues are bleeding players. The genie is out of the bottle now, hard to put it back. But making it so that players can choose which discount they preferred would be a good option and help to strengthen upper leagues while giving new players the resources to progress and build strong bases early in the game, imo one of the most important factors to keeping players in the game.


Would love this option, but doubtful they would ever give us ‘options’

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It’s already basically a requirement to be relevant now, the only difference is that you have to spend money if you want to get the full use out of it.


I refused to “buy” it for the summer season. Not sure if I will going forward without changes and that significantly affect my “will” to play. The catch 22 PG needs to understand.

Turn it down man! The greed is sucking my will to live!

I don’t think this is good at all.

My assessment of what the base boost is, is that it’s a premium line targeted at the best defenses, for those who can afford to spend more.

It’s value maintains being worth its cost for its target audience in spite of being reduced in duration. Ideally it should have always gone for less duration rather than being reduced.

One flaw I will say is that there probably should be another line whereby folks can affordable get elemental embers and black pearls. Many folks who aren’t what I believe to be the target audience get this branch simply because it has a key and has black pearls and elemental embers. To the target audience black pearls and elemental embers are likely not that valuable.

But no I don’t think the base boost will work so well if it’s so affordable that most people get it.


I think everyone that is not PG would welcome the discount. However, I would expect PG made the change to when it starts to push players to buy more packs to open more chests early.

Think about it. How often does PG make a change that is not revenue driven? I am not judging or being negative. They see the connection between the revenue and their paychecks.

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I don’t think anyone is confused by why PG did it. I liken it to gear, they sold us on the concept and with the imbalance in the game it is pretty much required if you are trying to be competitive in any way. We are losing competitive players left and right and decisions like this are just one of the reasons. I’d prefer to have a healthy competitive atmosphere.

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I think Base Boost prices should decrease incrementally, every week, from full price, to minimal, as you are getting less for your sigils the further in the season you are.

Edit, I’d even be fine with JUST the actual base boost tiles being cheaper, as the other prizes stay constant.


That’s my biggest problem with it. It’s the only fully priced branch whose value depreciates over the course of the season (egg token boost is only 6200 sigils and doesn’t lead to a key).


Your edit popped up as I was about to mention the items we get in that line…

With your edit, the base boost itself is not that expensive. It is getting to the base boost that costs.

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Yeah, I thought about it some more and decided that would be more fair, discounting JUST the base boost tiles.

How bout it PG? You reading this?

Not me

As someone who really enjoys the base building and strategy behind that part of the game, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to this. However this is a competitive war game so does it really offer an advantage? I guess it just gives players another choice they have to make. Commit resources to base boost line or suffer the consequences of your defense not keeping pace with those that do.

As a very new player with but a single seasonal dragon I would personally like to see the discount dragon be something worth getting excited over, but that’s just my personal perspective. I love base building so either option is appealing.

Unfortunately, IMO, the only mechanism PG has given us a way to compete against the never ending release of new dragon tiers and increased rider stats. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but for me this is the only ‘balance’

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