500 sigils to get 2 gold chests?

There is a joke at the end of mythic line. You pay 500 sigils to get 2 gold chests. If you compare this with the end of festive branch, this doesnt make sense, right? In festive branch, you can claim 4 draconic chests with 500 sigils, 150 times max. How is this fair? Can you increase the amount of gold chests at the end of mythic line?


It’s been this way for a while, and I believe they have said that they have no intentions or plans of changing it. It’s best to either ignore it or take it (if you have extra sigils, nothing to spend on, or just think 2 gold chests are worth it — which they most likely won’t be).


like the atlas sigils chests at the end of the line, they are not convenient but if you have taken everything you take them :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


gold chests were there before draconic chests.
there is a choice and a better choice.
you can basically choose the better one.

or they can reduce the draconic chest amount at the end of the festive line.
which one you think PG would choose to do?

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Congrats on getting your mythic, sounds like your first one :tada:.

Like Jalen said, it’s been this way for a while and is one of the worst deals available. The only real reason to use it is if you already finished all other lines and need something to spend sigils on. Most players just pass on that deal.


I get a mythic every season…and i still agree…Horrible math on PGs part…heck look at the Trading Post, 5 Gold Chests for 250 sigils…I dont expect they will ever change that but agree with you that they should.
Heck 5 gold for 500 would be better than 2.


Congrats on your mythic!

While not a great deal, the whole point of this prize was to give people something to buy should they have maxed the whole season. Poor deal but better than having sigils piling up and having no where to spend them. This is less of an issue for most players now with all of the trading posts, limited branches, Drac chests multi claim nodes, etc but was an actual grievance for some, especially, in the very early seasons.


When Pg had seasons with fewer lines for keys, exotic rune branches, trading posts and the Festive ended without keys or Draconic were useful. Now no longer…

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