504 and 447 looking for a new team after fort!

LFT – 504 and 447 prince and fiercenip


Time Zone:est
Played time:years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:yes to both with both
Dragon Roster Includes:noct narl and namaka on both
Highest Lineage Dragon:abyssal and eldritch

About:me and my wife play and there has been some issues in team and a language barrier we looking for a team that has all element castles and atleast get 2840 eggs daily from atlas and the meeting hall combined we will be dropping out after fort so thus gives time for myself to scoop some teams out before then we have a nice troop count and are active in atlass and we do not care what team we hit as long of course they are not friendlys and must hit the final team achievement as i will hit the final everytime!!!


Good luck! Hope you both find a awesome team :grin:


No specific league? :eyes:

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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Gold with 25 castles.


He said at least 2840 eggtoken.
Not so many teams get that only from Atlas daily prize + hall.

Just as example. 5 level 4 and 15 level 3 castles with max fort would give 2028 eggtoken.

He said atlas and meeting hall combined, so 1k or 1.5k for D2 or D1 goes a long way towards the total, or a maybe a land rich S1…


Yes i edited it during your writing :slight_smile:
Thank you for advise :blush:

Edit: Just wanted let them know , that it probably has to be diamond, on the question of specific league.


most likely!!! lol u caught on to that :grin:

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mostly just language barriers

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Stop and Check out CelticWarHeros…P1…we have room…ask any question…you can message me IG

If you’ll take about 1k less tokens daily then I’m sure it would be a great fit here :grin: