50kings platinum III guild recruiting

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Time Zone:Any
Played time:1-2years
Age Range15++
Elite Account?Dont matter
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

50Kings Is recruiting active members who can accomplish 5/5 team quest is a must in every event. Participate in atlas event also a must have some knowledge how to move in atlas having 3 primach is a plus. We are laid back but like to get things done also great group if you like to grow with us please send me a email in game to lokiyoo…


Time Zone:(UTC+1)
Played time:3 years
Age Range:25++
Elite Account:Yes but not atlas
Dragon Roster Includes:Namaka,Kullecid,Prospero,Tez…
Highest Lineage Dragon:Lumina

nope prefer to hit your 500+ hes fun

Is that so

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yep 100% funnnn

Always looking for active peeps…

Currently looking for 2