580 atlas killer looking for a team

Language: English
Time Zone: Australia ( opposite to American Timezone )
Played time: roughly 8 to 12+ hours a day
Elite Account?: atlas and main game
Dragon Roster Includes: barband, quillith, Aerow ( only fly hunters )
Highest Lineage Dragon: monarch tier

This is my alt it don’t let me in forums with my main :see_no_evil:
I’m against dread and never would join dread so don’t bother wasting my time
( or you will get hit )
I’m very friendly love chatting, 3m monthly kills on average.
Pvp is my down point I hate all pvp and usually stop at team minimums
( roughly double the 8/8 ) I’m happy to go to gold, plat, Saph, Dimond but ask for 8/8 weekly and atlas raids oftener ( not guard swaps :triumph::roll_eyes: )

Pm me in line or reply to this message if got a spot for me in a team

Line Id = Sucks2beu

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Sandslingers maybe?


I dont know much about this team as of where they stand in atlas side wise

But maybe ask their leader/whoever made this post about them?

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Darkwinds has an opening with a long time player unfortunately quitting the game. We roll different from the rest but fun is guaranteeed

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U could join us whitenoise7

Thanks for the shout out. We are however dread friendly. Sounds like a dealbreaker for this one. :grin:


Of course! Happy to help! Hopefully you find people to join your team and hopefully the OP finds a team :slight_smile: good luck to you both


Regulatorsx waiting for you

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