6.00 Release Notes

Hello Dragon Lords,

Version 6.00 is upon us. We’ve added some QoL improvements, like Mute League Chat (a fancy toggle) and we’ve added a whole brand spankin’ new Primarch Tier!

We’ve also done substantial under-the-hood work for some very exciting new tech and changes to the dragon and rider spell systems!

The team is excited to have laid a lot of the groundwork for the future of War Dragons in this release, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Some of the new features just need a litttttle more time to cook!


  • We’ve added new support for the Atlas Primarch Gold Tier (info to be shared soon)
  • We’ve added infrastructure for an upcoming expansion to the dragon spell system
  • There are some new bits and bobs that will help support new tech around Riders
  • Mute League Chat is finally here!
  • General bug and UI fixes and tweaks

Please Note:

When 6.00 is live we will have the following placeholder stats and text in place:

  • 1’s for the Gold Primarch stats
  • Gold Primarchs will not be available to train because they will require level 999 Silver 2 Primarchs (which is an impossible requirement)

Once Gold Primarchs are released next week, these stats and text will be changed to reflect the intended values.

To expand upon the consumable system:

As part of Rider Spell infrastructure, we’ve made an upgrade to consumables.

Now players can equip both combat consumables and non-combat consumables.

In the past, players had to choose inner fire or XP boost over a spell consumable.

In 6.00, players do not have to make that trade-off.


Ruh roh


PG Facepalm
There are no words that would express what needs to be expressed




So… we get rid of prim event… but hey! More prims? :thinking::crazy_face::rofl:


All of this. Just…just all of this.

“Hey, PG, you know that thing everyone has been telling you you absolutely shouldn’t do, because it would make the game worse?”
“Which one?”
“Good point. The new primarch tier one.”
“Ohhh, that. Yeah, we’re doing that right away.”
“You are? Why would you do that???”
“There hasn’t been a new tier in a long time, and endgame players need something to do.”
“Okayyyy…that still doesn’t make this a good idea, as has been explained before.”
“Yeah, we’re doing it anyway. Have fun!”


Feeling is mutual mate :man_facepalming:t2: PG :man_facepalming:t2:


There is a huge gap of power between players just starting out with bronze prims and people who have maxed out silver 2 prims.
Without seperating the smaller teams from the bigger teams, the gold primarchs is a bad idea, in an open world atlas map where bronze and gold primarchs will clash often.
As the power difference will be even higher.
PG please , address the main issues. Then introduce new content.


I just don’t understand why a new tier is needed…

Levelling prims wastes valuable timers and gold.

I’m totally happy with what is currently in place.

Why not make atlas fun instead?

Adding new tiers creates more power creep for newer players plus for those of of us with max tier prims it makes us waste more time and more rss on something quite boring and mundane.


Maybe also reworking the xp and gold requirements in order to level them up now that there is no event might help a bit. :man_shrugging:


This just means you shouldn’t have removed the prim event and just delayed it until this tier came out but something tells me this tier is really going to make people broke and literally wanting prim event in the glory event because why not? “Change my mind folks”


Glory is still hard to come by for the smaller levels, it’s not just the gold.
The rate at which end tiers will max their gold prims should be significantly lower compared to the rate at which the smaller levels catch up. Else the gap will widen further.


Team rank/size/league have nothing to do with primarch levels.

There are a number of level 600 players with low level bronze primarchs.

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I agree with all of this, but I don’t think even separating smaller and bigger teams would help much.

Whilst my prims have been maxed for a long time, I am currently more than happy with the stupidly massive advantage I have over players who’ve never been on teams where gold flows like water, or who are newer to the game.

I feel a gold prim tier is the last thing the game needed without fundamental mechanic changes to address balance issues.


Did they miss the part where we specifically asked to stop with prime expansion and they agreed and removed the leveling.
This is quite literally the opposite of what we have been saying!
I have no desire to keep leveling primes!

Someone really needs to tell pg primes and gear are not an objective
and making more and more levels and tiers will not suddenly make a reward
into a objective! :man_facepalming::boom:
This is getting ridiculous and sad …….


No there isn’t, only a few 600s with bronze prims.
Even the laziest 600s in a big team has enough swaps and gold to max their prims out.
The league matters because everyone is on the same open map and there are definitely chances for the newer players with bronze prims to come in contact with these gold prims. , whether it’s for defending castles or gates etc whatever.
I wouldn’t want to keep playing atlas, if I was new and this happened.




If I remember correctly, we actually “wanted” this during the days where we still had a prim event…


No we didn’t, we wanted only to get rid of the prim event lol.


And for each post where a player asks for more event points and prizes for themselves via prime leveling and tiers you will see another post where it’s clearly stated why that’s a horrible idea and how it’s creating another pointless type of power creep that’s going to bite us in the ass rather quickly!
So yes it was requested by players that doesn’t make it a well Informed or balanced request!