6.20 Release Notes

Hello Dragon Lords,

Dragon Looooords, next week we’re releasing 6.20 and we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff packed into this one. We’re adding support for a ton of new visual goodies like dragons skins, base skins, new portraits, and new types of rider gear. We’ve reworked the Atlas economy to make Diamond dynamics line up with player activity, and of course some light touch fixes and adjustments to help improve player quality of life.

Here we goooo:

New feature:

  • We’ve added files for a fancy new base skin which will be announced at a later date
  • New infrastructure has been put in place for the new spell features accompanying Evolving Dragons
  • Tech support for new and unique gear buffs which will be announced at a later date
  • New dragon skins are being added to the game so you can trick out your beasties with the newest, hottest streetwear
  • New portraits have arrived and will be released later in the season

Economy and Balance Changes:

  • Diamond cost to purchase Glory XP for Primarchs reduced to .65 diamond per glory from 1.6 diamond per glory
  • Diamond cost to transfer Glory XP on Primarchs reduced to .5 diamond per glory from .8 diamond per glory
  • Diamond conversion rate to transfer gold to team bank increased to 1400 gold per diamond from 1125 gold per diamond


  • Some dragon icons are being changed so that they are more clear, such as Imix’s Aspect of Stealth
  • We’re adding new tutorial videos - time to go back to school!

Bugs fixed:

  • Equippable Cloak Spell was not being broken by spells or attacks on dragons with Adaptive Breath-type spells, this has been fixed!
  • Pathox’s “Death’s Door” wasn’t providing increased damage bonuses, now it’s back to working order

store purchasable? :smiley:


Looks promising!

  • The base and dragon skins - and the portraits - are a great way for PG to make money without screwing up game balance. Might even make it more possible to fix balance.

  • New gear buffs have been requested for a while, and this sounds like a good way to diversify. Not to mention it’s a good way to allow players to pay/work a bit in order to get some convenience tools (like faster gold gen, for example).

  • Reduced diamond costs for glory buy/transfer is great, too. Most players who wanted high-tier defensive primes were forced to resort to swapping in order to get enough glory to train; now it’s a bit more feasible to move glory from offensive primes to defensive ones. Though it would be nice if “transfer” was still half of “buy,” at 0.325 instead of 0.5, since glory that you’ve already earned should be a lot cheaper to use.


idk. if they add another $99 pack with 35k rubies with no extras then add portraits or a base skin there, i’d buy them for sure, as i buy packs just to keep my ruby and diamond stash to a certain level anyway.

not like buying packs will break any game balance anyways. :joy:

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Approximately how many portraits? :eyes:


Heyecan verici haberler teşekkürler PG ve Galileo

After I spent nearly 100K diamonds recently, sigh… but thank you for THIS update! :green_heart:

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If we cant make all our dragons look like Chunk and Axi then throw it in the dumpster

hmm. Rather odd for this to be in the release notes. What is different about these portraits?

Does this mean we’ll be able to equip consumable cloaks again to dragons like Quasar and Kinnarix?

Also, YO, WHAT ABOUT ASHES 2 ASHES? Where’s the sepulla love?


I am really not sure we need stronger gear… I mean sure it’s a chase item but like… it makes balance absurdly hard


Can we get a noctua one


You do know there a multiple teams within PG. Where one works on stuff like portraits, and others coding the game… right


Cal! This means I can no longer defeat bases at my level :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Rank 1200 teams in atlas here I come

Art Design doesn’t work on game bug fixing in case you don’t know.

I mean, yeah they can focus on bug fixing, but what about the other department? Do they slack until everything is fixed?

Love that the bug fixes are only the ones introduced recently by pg due to poor quality assurance in first place.

Would like to see more long term bugs fixed and the lag and latency which is getting worse addressed. Crystal caves with the bug of fellow players joining attacks causing attacker to “lose” connectivity or towers to not be properly destroyed. The bug for caligos parents still present. There are others that have been around literally for years.

While have no issues with the added art changes though don’t care about them. Bug fixes have been really lacking for twelve months now.

Which dragons will be getting this new skins? And when are they releasing?

Also there seems to be a bug with dragon breaths they aren’t visible (I don’t know if I’m the only one)

That glitch has been around for a while

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I would in all honesty would be willing to pay for better mythical since I’m already dumping money into this game on a weekly basis.

That is nice! Can we hope for the same conversion rate when using diamonds to pay for the troops training, primarch upgrades, opening new primarch slots? I forgot if there were more conversion scenarios.


Calavore can still attack while cloacked …

The update hasnt gone out yet