6.25 Release Notes

We have a mini-submit - 6.25 includes infrastructure and support for Beast Raids:


Will this require an update on our end or is this more of a minor update on your end?


the version number, 6.25 looks like an app update. ie: something we customers would download.

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Any chance we can add in a buff to your mythics this season maybe I’ll spend some more money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After watching the stream, pretty sure they won’t buff either cause of Fera, the new spelled rider with a heal… the thing most people have been asking for for Nock.


I don’t say this very often, but a big thank you for the beast raid button!

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Exactly you need both mythics and a spell rider to make them viable!

Seems pg basically went full on pay to play this season!
So sadly It seems I will just not be playing as much anymore …….


Couldn’t agree more-- it’s becoming unattainable. It all started with the arcanum exotics.

I’ve scaled way back. It’s nice to get some of my life back. It even seems the forums aren’t as abuzz as they once were. It all seems a little too late. The stream was fun; it all seems promising and hopeful… until we get back here, really see all the details in writing and analyze what it actually means for us in practicality. #frustration


I see in the update, the reported Annelid bug was not fixed & Narmak bug of the 3rd shot providing healing instead of the 4th Invoker shot also was not fixed. Seems Invoker bugs are harder to fix than other dragons.

It began to escalate with the gilded faction and increased catering to spending :man_shrugging:
Do you see a grinders faction?
No you don’t because our activity is not valuable anymore and they all left like most of the other competitive play styles that utilize activity.

Most games cater to their heaviest spenders. At least the gilded faction was done correctly and gives 0 benefit to actual game play

I don’t have a problem with the Guilded Faction as this is a for-profit business, but I thought they were supposed to be a pilot group, with bennies, and then if it went over well, they were going to offer bonuses for those who have spent. While I haven’t spent as much as diamond players, I know a breeding event a long while back, I dropped a pretty penny on. So, the only thing I don’t like is the exclusivity of it all. It does begin to feel very cliquey with the “us versus them” mentality. Rewarding anyone who spends, psychologically makes people want to spend more and is inclusive as everyone has the opportunity to earn extra bennies-- not something unattainable and esoteric in achievement.

It would be nice if it was more or less like those Innisbrook gift wrapping fundraisers from elementary and middle school-- where you earned prizes based off how much you sold. In this case-- there are tier prizes based on how much you spend. 100$ is 100 12-hrs; 250$ is 5k rubies, etc.

That… or I still believe in deal packs-- straight BOGOS, Create Your Own Pack, or Specials where if you buy one 100$ pack, you get a 25$ pack free.

It is still a pilot program bc nothing has been done with it. I got a portrait and a cool forum badge

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I agree it currently has not been expanded upon so at this point it offers no in game advantage……
Currently …………
To be clear I’m not saying it’s the cause it’s just an indication of the path the game is headed down.
Im looking at 30 keys needed to attain a viable full strength mythic ……

The increase in over monetization had begun pre gilded faction and most games don’t last even this long so while yes most games have a spenders faction is following In the footsteps of these other mobile games a good idea?
Considering most games die within the first 5 yrs …….

And it isn’t ever supposed to.

I’ve heard that line so many times

Atlas will not ever be the core of the game. ……
Atlas will never be mandatory for competitive play ……
We will never resurrect old dragons ……
Yeah tell me again how it’s not supposed too!

Everything is subject to change remember :man_shrugging:

Narlyth will forever be bugged and it’s looking like Sepulla and Faf will also never get fixed. In contrast to that they fixed the bugs with Ikaros and Nebulon.

Seems more like they just dont have any interest in trying to fix old dragons


I wonder if invokers are why they can’t :face_with_monocle:
Maybe that’s why the old dragons have uncrushable bugs :thinking: hmmmm