6.30 Release Notes

Hello Dragon Lords,

Next week we’re releasing version 6.30. It might be heavier on the behind-the-scenes side, but it’ll also be in preparation for the release of the final dragon of the season. It’ll also crush a few pesky bugs. Here we goooo:

New content:

  • Tech for the Strange Lands Festive dragon (to be released on 10/27)

Performance Updates:

  • Updated tech to better support Android 12 (we highly recommend that your game is saved to a Pocket ID to back your account up)

Bugs fixed:

  • Various backend bug fixes
  • Fixed the issue with perched Artisan Dragons causing abnormal values to DP
  • Fixes to webapp issue that causes black screen

Can I get clarification on what exactly this means?

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Back end stuff to make sure he functions when released


When will this be deployed
I already want to put the carpet on the perch

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When will this be deployed

Tuesday (10/26)


@PGTimber just as a suggestion, since none of this has anything to do with fortification, would we be able to have this update pushed later in the week so it doesn’t affect the fight for glory event? We are having an interruption during that event almost every time it runs.



No thank you, then it potentially interferes with Fort. Missing a little time for the glory event isn’t the end of the world.

Yeah I agree, how is it always my favorite Atlas event that is cut short? :sob:


Honest Question here: How will it interfere with Fortification?

Update push = atlas downtime. It doesn’t prevent you from completing main game quests, main game runs, or building things. All it does would prevent potential backup flyers or defenders if you are on different versions.

Just my opinion, but we don’t need atlas to be “Live with pvp” for troop building, but we need it live for the hunt for glory event.


Any such update risks causing issues with the main event which we don’t need. Fort points are already laggy enough as it is.

You may not but weekends are when a lot of people go hunting for glory and recover troops at the same time. Also the weekend is a pretty bad time to be doing updates since most PG staff are off. Im not even sure how it works on Apple and Google’s side for releasing updates

Tbh, all updates for atlas should be done during pvp events. So it impacts atlas minimally.


They can’t just update part of the game and not the rest.

When they release an update, it goes to the App Stores. And they need to disable defense/joins until everyone has access to the new update. Different stores get the new versions released different times - this is an appstore process, PG don’t hit a button and bam it’s there unfortunately :rofl:

If they were to do that during pvp, we wouldn’t be able to defend or back each other. Which is just as disruptive.

So they do it during event downtime, on a week day. Which happens to often be glory event. Not 100% but pretty sure we have had updates at the end of pve events also

Edit: on the App Store process, the same store (e.g apple store) can release the update to public at different times for different countries as well. It’s a bit of a silly process but it is what it is, and affects all apps not just PG’s :woman_shrugging:


There is a useless day in PVP called treasure hunt when we don’t need to attack or defend. Fortunately it also happens to be a weekday.

Or maybe , just for once they can schedule update during this gear craft event if it is totally impossible when a main game event is running. How many times do we have to say not to interrupt the glory event :sweat:


That makes sense. Ty for the explanation :smiley:

The window during pvp treasure hunt is pretty small. Not a full 24 hours. When you consider that they need to be “safe and prepared” in case anything does happen after the update that was not intended.

If it’s during treasure hunt and something goes wrong they can’t just put pvp on hold. So they’re left frantically trying to fix it and push new update out - which could take time again through the app stores etc etc depending on what sort of fix it is :see_no_evil::joy:

It’s probably also why they generally do it right after an event end, instead of say a Monday/Tuesday at the end of a PVE event. Just really constricts the same time for updating versions :woman_shrugging:

Don’t get me wrong, I also would prefer it not during glory event. It’s also unfortunate that I feel we have had a lot more updates recently, seems more than we did previously. In saying that a lot new features and things lately

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@PGTimber instead of old school 1990s prod release deployment strategy is it possible to move to a SAFE scaled agile approach?

The Issue

With old school delivery approach essentially atlas and wars go offline for 24 hours always on my fave atlas glory event.

The root cause is Android and Apple don’t have an in sync delivery timetable so we need wait for both releases.

Obviously its not fair that some people can’t defend bases and others can so everyone can’t do wars or atlas.

The Solution

Move to an agile delivery mindset. Each feature should have a hard switch that is either off or on, controlled server side.

On load the client reads to determine which features are enabled and disabled.

It also checks the version of the client.

  1. Build feature XYZ
  2. Add it to server but set active = false.
  3. Add it to google play store and apple.
  4. Everyone downloads it over next few days.
  5. Enable feature , on server set active = true

If a client loads and feature XYZ = true but game version > 15.0001 then close WD and load app store.

Boom. Zero player downtime!! Everyone can play 24/7 seamlessly!

And wait theres more!! And this one is great for PG.

Let’s say something is very wrong with feature XYZ. Something is very broken.

Simply turn it off server side.

No need to deploy and release an emergency patch.

So tidy… so clean… so fast :slight_smile:

1990s were fun and all but its time to go 2021 with software delivery :slight_smile:


While that sounds great, that’s not how War Dragons is coded it appears.

  1. War Dragons is built in the app. It is not server side. So the dragons, spells, towers, etc are built into the app code itself. There are a few paramaters, such as spell color or rage cost, that can be pushed via an OTA change. (Game csv files.)

  2. Only Atlas and events run the majority of the code server side. Things like primarchs are still client side. Hence, Atlas can go down without a store update. Events come and go and can be reset.

If there is an update that requires new compiled content, like a new dragon or a code bug fix, it requires a store app push. Most of these updates are actually scheduled weeks in advance based on the season schedule.

Week 0 - add new season content, some are on and some are off so they can be released in weeks 1-3.
Week 5 - add second wave content
Week 8 - add third wave content

There may be more updates if more bug patches need to be applied in between.

I remember a time when they did try pushing a relatively small update to the stores without disabling pvp in Atlas. It was a nightmare. Since people were on different versions of the game, you couldn’t defend your teammates if you got attacked. So they went back to disabling pvp again. It takes up to 24h for the update to be pushed out to all the stores and people to update and then be forced to download the new update. Hence, 24 hour pvp downtime.

ETA: Oh, I forgot that Apple reviews each update to make sure it works and stays within app requirements. There has been at least one time in memory that PG had to scramble because they released the update to the store, everyone on Android got it and no one on Apple did. Reason being, Apple told them hours later the update was denied for X. So they had to fix it and repush, pvp was down for 2 days.


Maybe plan B is to do it during the craft event then instead of fight for glory?

Fight for glory is probably my fave event in the game and I always find it frustrating that 33% of the time shields are up.

If it was during craft it wouldn’t really matter too much.

Thanks as always Zami!


Only issue with that is that app updates do not get scheduled related to Atlas events, only main game season. It has also been known, as we have done it before, that if they put a content release into an update weeks early the information will get found by those of us grabbing game files and leaked before the announcement.

Thus, any hype and official announcement of dragons and riders gets spoiled.

So a reason for the update schedule is to keep the content push as close to release as possible. Presumably.

Not sure there is any winning here. At some point an update will fall on an unwanted downtime day. Fight for Glory is from pvp end to just after minor start so as to have the longest weekday time (potentially) with shields down. Thus gear is on the other week. If you flip it, you will have a day with pvp shields up at the end of fight for glory when pvp event starts.


Or we could remove one of the repetitive short term event cycles and consolidate its prizing and make better events………

Then releases could be more easily and seamlessly planned.

I’m sorry core events are antiquated stale and repetitive like the last 2 pickles in the jar they just aren’t crisp anymore :rofl:
Atlas events are bologna on plain dry bread……… sure it’s a sandwich I guess lol
It’s almost lunchtime :rofl: