6.40 Release Notes

Hello Dragon Lords,

Next week we’re releasing version 6.40 (aiming for Tuesday the 16th). It’s still pretty heavy on the behind-the-scenes side, but there were various bugs that we addressed. Details are below:

Performance Updates:

  • Updated tech to better support Android OS

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue in which some players are having trouble attacking and their chats missing
  • Fixed a rarity level issue with Artisan dragons in the Breeding Castle
  • Fixes a crashing and black screen issue on iOS when a teammate joins assists you in your attacks or defending your base in Atlas

Hopefully it’ll help alleviating the lag problem :crossed_fingers:


Black screen on OS happens under more settings than joining. Happens going into atlas event screens, and main event screens.

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From my experience, the black screen is avatar related. If you don’t chose the one that’s “moving” all is good.


This is exactly the problem I have had for a long time now.

The problem still exists if the opponent use a moving avatar as well.

Actualizaciones de rendimiento:

  • Tecnología actualizada para soportar mejor el sistema operativo Android

Que bueno que se acuerdan de Android, no todos tenemos la manzanita mordida, bien ahí.

For those encountering animated avatar causing black screens, can you please DM me the username of the account (and if you have a previous ticket, that ticket number as well). I’d like to take a look into this.


Not in this case. Yes black screen in attacks is animated avatar based. Normal event screens do not use animated avatars.

There were previously reported bugs on Invokers Annelid & Narmak, are they going to be fixed?

Just did the update… it crashes when I want to get into Atlas and I have the black screen below after which it enters Atlas for 2 seconds and crushes. @DragonPunch can you look into this ?

iOS 15.1 - iPad

P.S. Reinstalled the app and all came back to normal.

Since updating to 6.40 I have been having issues joining battles with teammates. If I try to join it says they are on a newer version. If they try to join me it says I am on an older version.
I checked in game and it says version 6.40 and the app store has no updates available.
@DragonPunch is this an expected result of the update?