6 hour round event length poll Pits and TOW

  • 3 days Friday-Sunday
  • 4 days Friday-monday
  • Leave it as is!

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I only vote leave it as it is because I get more time to play on work days than days at home with my family. (I log on and buy my energy and use it Fri/Mon & Tue morning australia time)

only voted to leave it since there was no option to dump the events altogether. too much grinding or spending required to do these events in just a few days.

As an Elite only player, the event rewards and chest drops are what keep me stocked up on consumables, speeds, etc. If we shorten events, there would be less time to earn rewards and farm for chests. Even if you don’t actively grind for event points, chest drops come when you’re just doing regular attacks. If you don’t want to participate (or participate for as many days per event) - that’s on you - I like as much time as possible to replenish my supplies.



They could compensate by just extending the treasure hunt phase from Weds-Thurs to Weds-Fri/Sat.

But that won’t help your individual event score any

They COULD, but by shortening their event duration they will presumably lose revenue. I highly doubt they would reduce their revenue AND extend the time that we get free stuff. Not the M.O. they’ve shown in the 20 months I’ve been playing.

I’d assume that if they reduced the time you can spend in event by 20-40%, they’d rescale achievement tiers by the same scale, but maybe that’s me being hilariously optimistic.


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