6 keys in the discount , mythic at the end of the season

Hello, selamlar :raising_hand_man:

I have been doing a guide for the players who got 6 keys during the discount weeks about how they can have a mythic in Turkish. This time i put English subtitles also and tought there could be some people who can benefit

These are all my personal opinions and experience on which events are best to score high and the branches i would recommend to go. Hope you can get your mythic this season and enjoy


Very nice, simple and easy to understand/read. Layed out well. Thankyou for the guide.


thank you :blush:
,thats way more than what i get in the pvps exept crystal cave but i get more more in breeding and fort :sweat_smile:


I hope it evens the sigils you got at the end

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my team doesn’t get 250 from team rank and does not get 8/8 achievement tho :sweat_smile:
wasn’t planning on mythic anyway :grin:

Not even 5/8?
And that 250 from team rank, i picked it as the least prize in the platinum

Let me ask, are you in love with your team?


is it that obvious :sweat_smile:
yup ,would have left it if i didn’t :slightly_smiling_face:
we got 4/8 this event

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This event hasn’t even ended yet🤔.


doesn’t seem like we will get 5/8 :man_shrugging:

Very nice… thank you

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