600 Dracs no longer providing enough festive shards

Something I just noticed is that after opening 607 draconic chests yesterday (and having claimed all of the Darkmire festive line) I only have 973 Pezizo shards. According to Neon, he needs 1058 shards just to get to his current max in Radiant tier. So it looks like we are now at the point that you cant even max the festive (not that you’d want to) by claiming all 604 draconic chests. That’s pretty insane that 93k sigils isnt even enough to finish a bad legendary dragon.

Time to increase the number of Draconics in the festive line or adjust the festive leveling costs.


Good catch , I doubt the amount of draconics will change but this definitely needs a fix


I had about the same number of draconic chests and i have 983 shards. So also not enough to max it.

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I got 1135…Regardless they need to reduce the number of shards needed to max. Start the dragon at a high tier or something but it is ridiculous how PG just can’t keep up with the times effectively.

There was a time most remember when you actually maxed out shards with chests left making them so much more valuable.

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Who wants to max the festive dragon? :sweat_smile:. I would prefer to get rid of the shards in the draconics and replace them with timers or other more useful stuff lol


No one wants to but if you’re not even getting enough to max it then you’ll never stop getting shards in your drops. It used to be that 400 or so was enough and then you could have 200 dracs that were free from shard drops. Not anymore


Maybe they could up the number of shards in each level of drop. Not that I’ll ever stop being bitter about the mythic drop that gave me 2 shards


Oh ok, got it

But maximum 400 I never had, it was always more. Or is is because I didn’t level the festives very much?

Personally I think festives need some attention , I am not a huge fan having to get dragon shards if you dont fly a legendary dragon released only 3 weeks before new season with brand new shiny mythicd


I agree. The festive dragon system isnt really well-designed for any actual group of players. The people who could use a legendary dragon most likely are also the ones who cant afford to get most of it. The people who can afford to get most/all of the needed dracs most likely have little to no use for the dragon except for Assault. Those shards are just a dead drop. I highly doubt many of the people who can get all of the festive dracs are doing so for the dragon.

It was supposed to be that you got the dracs, you got all the shards needed for the festive and then stopped getting shards. You could benefit from better drops from all the other items. Now we’re always going to be getting shards unless we spend to open up more dracs beyond the festive’s 600


I would prefer them to add stones back for festive by removing fragments as a mechanic , keep a short line like it is now and keep dracs in the end like it is now to be claimed . But frags should be removed from dracs , people dont even need to fly those dragons :man_shrugging: At least this is what I would do :v:


I agree with this idea, that would benefit everyone.

They removed the cheap legendary line that was introduced in Unchained and Unearthed which was nice since it offered a cheap and complete dragon for people not claiming mythics. That is what the festive should be doing now that they removed that line. That way it can at least serve a purpose to all players. Newer and more casual players have a cheap dragon line and more active players still have a large resource line. If festives are supposedly designed to be fun dragons rather than competitive ones then they should also be cheaper to claim all of.

The shard system really never worked well but it has gotten much worse as more dragons were added


All festives should have a fixed cost to max.


What should we replace the festive branch with then? A rider? Another tower branch? Or a resource branch? And would it be the same price as a regular festive dragon or increased?

If it is to keep festives though maybe there shouldn’t be a whole collection of festives and instead make it so you can only get one from it’s specific season and lock it forever after it’s season. I believe once it was capped however those will stop showing but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the news around that the only question is is there a cap? If there is none should there be? Probably a definite yes.

No one said anything about replacing the festive branch. Im pretty sure if they take the festive dracs away from us that will be the straw that gets a lot of highly active players to quit. One of the only things keeping the current economy barely doable are the high resource payouts from the drac chests each season. There would be a lot fewer sigils chests being bought.

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Well I was thinking they should also have the dracs as well but remove shards completely, that or only make it possible to get a seasonal festive once per season again and if you want to open it outside the season then you could get a lot more resources than you’d ever get with the festive shards.

Should be one shard to rule them all. Using trading post to “trade” shards and stop with any drops except the newest festive. Universal leveling shards. Streamline it.


I am gladly since they are introduced, people find out they are excaly totally :poop: those chest.

I feel like they just need to recalibrate payouts of shards. Shouldn’t be too hard of a fix.

And personally, as a newer player, I love getting dragons from previous seasons out of the draconic chests and using them for assault and temple raid. I get the sentiment that the festive dragons should be fun and the rest of the prizes as ancillary support for the rest of your pursuits.

At the risk of possibly sounding overly critical as a newer player, it feels like attention to details (e.x. maintaining festive branch/dragon cost relative to base game development) slip by with some frequency. As they release new tiers they ought to adjust backwards (sort of like they do with breeding discounts I suppose).

It shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain a fun yet cost efficient game for both player and developer.

You would be surprised… :rofl::see_no_evil: