600 Dracs no longer providing enough festive shards

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Thanks for all the feedback on this thread. Our team will be adding more shards per drop to each draconic chest in next week’s wave 3 release, to make up for growth in levels of festive.


This doesn’t sound good…. Even if it’s useful to getting legendary dragons I have a feeling that these drops rates will be messed up by the new season’s release.

Firstly thank you for the reply

However this only seems like a temporary fix. We’ll still keep running into this issue as new tiers are added. The drop amounts will have to keep being increased as each festive gains more tiers and thus requires more shards The best solution would just be to change all festives to using generic festive shards like we’ve been mentioning since Souldance. Or go back to the old stone system for festives. But we know that wont happen so addressing the shard cost per level would probably be better. Unless the drop amounts are being significantly increased so that you only need say 300-400 draconic chests to max out on shards like it used to be.


Maybe I’m missing something, but how would universal shards fix this issue?

Instead of getting 80/100 X-dragon shards required to max X, you would get 80 universal shards. You still couldn’t max the dragon without waiting one more season or by saving. There would be never enough shards to max all of them. As far as I can see, adjusting the number of shards in the drops is the only way to go. PG will need to keep adjusting it with every new tier, but that should be easy enough to code.

As long as my total resource drops increase or do not change on average, I can agree with the change. :joy:

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Currently your shard drops are spread out amongst all the festives you haven’t yet maxxed. If there was only one type of shard, you would effectively increase the number of shards received for the current season’s dragon. Now, whether that is enough, I don’t know, and you may still need to increase drop rates.

Yes. This is my question. Are they bumping up shards per drop or upping the percentage you get shards at the cost of other resources

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That’s why I’m having the feeling of dread

Ok, that makes a bit more sense. I think the number of shards in a drop could probably be doubled or tripled for the older dragons. It’s gonna take forever to max all of the dragons (and to get rid of the shards in the drops) if this is someone’s first season claiming the draconics.