9 farms and mills


Came across this base during the event.



Definitely legit.


Apparently all the Indonesian teams are using this exploit


As bad as this may sound, some control measures need to be put in place specifically for these Indonesian teams.


All of them are doing the same exploits and cheating. Not sure if this was before CL implemented the software to check for this but i would hazard a guess that related teams should be thoroughly checked for previous cheating as it’s been shown to be a pattern and not just coincidence. Plus the leader of SATU was bragging about how he coaches his teammates to cheat and teaches them how to do it in Indonesian LINE chats.


That’s for definite! It is not fair on orhers if players continue to exploit the game this way and also encouraging others to do so. They should be investigated and of course banned.


Yeah was a post about it likr a month ago…






Thanks dak :joy:


Here’s the original thread I started


Ban the players on all these teams and dissolve the teams! If possible develop code that blocks the hack, or better yet, automatically zeros out the player the first time they try it after 2 attempts. First attempt assume accidental, second attempt intentional -delete account.


This has been reported many times to Support.
The reply is we’re investigating it!
Tower stacking also rampant!


Been like a month but no one does anything this is like inviting hackers into the game since no punishment is given


Hi guys.

Thanks for pointing this out. People have been sending me a lot of things like this lately. Honestly I haven’t yet figured out how they’re doing it.

Obviously this shouldn’t happen using normal game rules.

It would take me 3 seconds to hit “ban” on each of these bases, but I’m trying to figure out how to stop this problem systematically. It’s much harder for me to figure that out once the accounts in question are banned. I’m actually intentionally letting some of these linger until I can figure out how people are doing this and code up some security code to test it, prove my code is working and then block it from happening in the future.

If anyone knows specifics on how this hack is implemented, it would greatly help me speed up the process. e.g., if you can tell me steps to reproduce it or what part of the game is used to do the exploit.


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