9 farms/mills plus towers stacked on top of each other

Has anyone ever seen this before? If this isn’t hacking I dont know what is.

If you are not sure what I mean by towers stacked on top of each other, look at his base, run it and you will understand.



Yeah, it’s an exploit. We’ll verify the player and then take action.


Yes, a little while ago one was brought to my attention in team IndonesiaSATU and I reported it. Shortly after that player, I guess, was taken care of and a few days later another player (same team) popped up with similar stacked towers which I reported as well. Now this in Indonesia2017…anyone noticing a pattern?:thinking:


Now that this base is level 89, it has become my personal egg token mission farm.

Due to the stacking of towers, all of which are low levels, any of the egg token missions can be completed here in a single run. (except the multiple successful runs mission)


:joy::joy: haha true. It’s taken a while for PG to do anything about it though.

Careful, you may get banned for taking advantage of a known glitch or hack! I am not being facisous I’m being serious. I am getting the impression that PG kicks without providing any warning or reason to the affected player with specific details. I routinely hit a base known publically throughout the game as an XP base, am I subject to being kicked for bullying that base? @PGJared

@DragonMage Hitting a base over and over isn’t bullying in a war game… its called playing.

Surely a player can’t be banned for attacking another player?

@DragonMage You do raise a good point.

@MikesGoN2GetU I agree within reason. For example I wouldn’t hit you over and over again and again. I would use whichever bases come up in the auto-search or an xp base.

@PGJared I know that PG does not condone exploiting bugs. How do you feel about us attacking this base? Are we suppose to avoid attacking a base if we believe it has been hacked?

@pgCampusLifer - I would also appreciate your opinion here.

I should note that I am not asking permission to beat this base into the ground. I’m just wondering PGs stance on attacking bases which have clearly been hacked.

@UnseatedDonkey i agree, neither would I… unless you pissed me off then ill go nuts on you lol still not bullying though.

But i would also like to know about attacking a base that looks odd. Is attacking a base that has no towes (not even farms) allowed? I’m not sure how but they exist.

Good question. I’d assume they are also hacked? I’ve seen a few. I just assumed that they hadn’t loaded properly.

Hopefully PG can also clarify this we can report them in future.

Attacking a base isn’t a violation of the rules. However, if we find a player is creating additional bases and cheating them to make XP bases we will ban the xp base account as well as their main account.


Thanks PGJared.

@MikesGoN2GetU , So we can hit this base as long as we didn’t create it in order to hit it.

I’m getting a lot of revenge hits from a player on the same team. I’m guessing it’s his/her alt.

Submit a ticket with info?

If it’s okay PGJared, I won’t raise a ticket.

I’ve hit EdyBuilder a few times and so it could just be revenge attacks by a friendly team mate. I’ve no evidence that the player who hit me back is the main account, just speculation.

Sorry but this has got to be the silliest thing I have read all day

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Maybe, but nothing with PG surprises me anymore, rather be safe than sorry.

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Im just curious about it @PGJared. In my topic egg token (if im not mistaking) answered to 1 guy (cause he got bookmarked from 12 guys) if they violate him, bookmark him and farm him daily there will be consequences for the players. Cause we are a community or something like that. Let me search the answer. Ill quote it above then

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Oh wait. It wasnt EggToken. SORRY. It was you. @PGJared.

@Sumatan he is talking about using the Forum to harass someone, not about attacking their base through normal processes.

But i see your point now that our IGN shows up in Forum one could lead to the other… Not sure how they will definitively link a forum post to in game farming though…

I was surprised they included IGN in forum… seems silly to me for that exact reason.

I think it’s great actually as people will need to think twice before they post. Before they can hide behind a screen name. Not now!

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