95% of chests replaced with 10 egg tokens?

With the start of treasure hunt, I am getting a new drop that I never got before - 10 egg tokens for killing boost towers.

Which would be fine, except bronze chest drops are down 95%. I have gotten only 3 in about 20 runs. Normal number would be about 30 (every run would drop at least one, some would drop more than one).

I am very unhappy with the dramatic decrease in chests. A bronze chest has way more value than 10 egg tokens. If it was 100 egg tokens then maybe…but 10??

Anyone else having this problem?

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Already another thread on this…

But no, I’m getting the usual bronze drops. They do vary you know, I sometimes can go 10 runs without 1, then get 5 in 1 run.

And no, the egg tokens did NOT replace the bronze chests.

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I looked for another thread but didnt see it. Usually when there is whining to be done someone beats me to it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting 10 egg tokens as well, but also chests like normal

Egg tokens from monuments

Im not saying that they replaced the bronze chests, as I am also getting both. But the frequency of bronze chest drops is waaaay down for me


Look fine here. Jared even said any difference should not be noticeable, and honestly, it isn’t for me.

The thing about probability is you can never completely rule out bad luck. I may have just had an epically bad batch of runs. I will have to do more and see if it returns to statistical baseline.

@PGJared please provide a specific percentage number of the tiny fraction of a percent that you think is intended so that I can compare it to empirical data.


I’ve gone multiple runs without getting a chest so it’s hard for me to tell about luck, too. Usually when I’ve gone several runs without a chest I reboot my game (not saying this does anything, could be a psychological thing, but it seems like for me when the chest drop luck is bad it’s real bad)

Yeah Ive got multiple people in my LC saying no bronze chests or nearly no bronze chests. This cant be right.

Seems like not everyone is affected, but a good number of people are.

We go through the same thing every event. Some get loads, some don’t. All luck. And I trust LC even less than I trust being repaid that money I leant to my family…just saying.

Is random … was running and got 4chests in one base !!! Maybe u got unlucky just that , and one chest for run even is not 100% on runs … sometime u got and sometimes u don’t


Sorry, not going to give the exact number. It’s substantially smaller than one percent. Hence “tiny fraction of a percent”.

I like your made up numbers, and unreal expectations… if I got 30 chests for 10 runs, I’d consider myself extremely lucky :joy: even getting 1 chest per run is pretty damn lucky

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Why not? Why such secrecy with regards to drop rates?

PG’s lack of transparency will only be met by skepticism.

A lot of us must be facing a string of bad luck. Yesterday chest and egg tokens were falling at an amazing rate. I was getting 2-3 bronze chest every run with 1-3 token drops (varying between the 2) today I have seen maybe 1 every 5 runs and not together. I guess all good things must come to an end! Hopefully my luck turns back around

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