A&A Vs Icicle, which?

Pretty much the title, I’ll be breeding first garnet on 2nd breeding from now and I am not sure which path should I take still. A&A seems cheaper but Icicle seems seriously better. Don’t want to lose too much power on my breeding path. Any opinions on these 2 dragons?

Not sure if you’re asking about which path or which dragon is better. As for paths (referring to Red’s) I believe Icicle 1 is the best. Comparing Icicle and A&A isn’t too easy, how they are is dependent on when you get them and how well you can fly each type. I liked flying A&A significantly better; he’s pretty interesting and fun to fly (and it seems as if he’d be pretty good with Invader bases if you have Atlas). Icicle isn’t great, but he’s not too bad either; I got him later so he wasn’t of much use to me.

Question should always be, which of the breeding paths lead faster to your ultimate target.
Before Harbringer Tier I´d say that was Noctua… so how will you get it faster?

As for Icicle or A&A they are both utterly irrelevant for wars.

A&A all the way. Back then when garnets were kings i used him A LOT in wars. The lead killed with a hunter the blue mages and cannons and I destroyed the base no matter how many defenders were present.

I never liked Icicle much when it came to wars.

Can’t wait to get A&A on my mini.

Edit: I always followed my own breeding path which gave me dragons I have/had TONS of fun with. My goal in this game was to have fun with the best dragons of each tier and I couldn’t care less if a path full of crap dragons would save me 100k egg tokens for the price of a suffering game experience.


Warlord what level is your mini?

Icicle is cheaper, A&A give better dragons first.
The big difference is that with Icicle path you have just one Garnet Mythic full cost, with A&A two!
I hope that they will fix it as Red suggested in her post.


Lv 198 with garnets

Thats a mini :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s higher than my main!

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Yes, I meant the path as one needs some power on each tier to be useful and of course, fun. I have seen a lot of posts trashing garnets, hence this post. I wouldn’t like to be aiming for a mythic that turns out to be a waste, like mehaten is in sapphire. So my question was really which dragon you liked the best so I could use that info upon deciding a path! My doubts concern also the spells of them, as I never saw them…

The main difference between the paths is when you get extra garnet eggs for your builders hut. You get them significantly faster on the icicle paths since the icicle breed is what gets you all that you require.

I don’t really care about either dragon, the builders hut eggs made my decision 100% for me…Icicle path all the way


The key things I looked and continue to look at when deciding my own path and helping teammates make a decision are:

1 - Hauheset

2 - Noctua (if you are a ftp or spend minimally it will be a long time before you get here. Even if you spend decently it’s going to be a long time. So the cost difference to get Noctua holds different weight depending on your playing style. 100k tokens seems like a lot but what’s another month wait when you have been waiting over a year already. There are other things to consider to make sure that year plus wait has been worth playing.)

3 - Extra Eggs (Again depends on your playing style and your base. If you are not capped with what you have and constantly waiting on a high builders hut this may not matter to you. If you do not spend and buy a bunch of gold chests you probably do not have timers to make this a high priority. Yes your farms/mills need them and can be extremely helpful in wars for less competitive leagues)

4 - Divine Tier Uncapping - cheapest to break into a new tier, 2nd legendary of a tier, 1st mythic etc that you need to uncap your current divines.

5 - Back breed warning - Don’t get me wrong back breeds are nice, but for the most part the “end game” total tokens for most paths are pretty close even if one has more back breeds than the other. The thing is if you catch two (and there is even a path with three) back breeds in a row in the middle of a breeding event and you are not willing to put in the time/cost to level and continue breeding you can really screw yourself for that event. Doesn’t mean one path is better than the other but just be aware of these choke points and plan accordingly. Trying to upgrade 2 garnets back to back in an event is cumbersome.

And I never understood the big deal about paying for one or two gargnet mythics at full price (Icicle vs AA). AA is where you pay full price for the two but you break into the Divine Tiers sooner. Not only is everything from your first emerald on down sooner but you get Hauheset 500k tokens earlier. That last number alone is what should convince 90% of people to go along the AA path.

Reds or Supermans or your own path you made yourself doesn’t really matter. But I think if you look at the above 5 points and take those into consideration on any path you chose you can’t go wrong for yourself.


That was some good counseling, I’m sticking to it. I was already more than half into a&a path, now I’m all in for sure :grin: Thanks all for giving your 2c!

Let me load some A&A porn for you brb and for @forScience I have some aster fass rolling porn for you too :hugs::smile:

Here it is


:rofl: features the Aster flip too

The way that I see it is that if you’re one of the higher level bases on your team where leveling more quickly is meaningful for wars, definitely go for Icicle 1; the same applies if you don’t particularly care about the dragon that you’re getting. If your base level probably doesn’t make much of a difference to the team, then you have more leeway to go for other paths :see_no_evil: .

Icicle 1 is the more min/max path without giving up useful dragons, but for my own personal enjoyment of the game to be able to tolerate the grind a little better, I went with A&A 5 for A&A and Nier (art/spells to play with) /punts Gloomclaw (neat spell synergy but meh).

The other thing worth noting is that you have until after breeding Frostbiter to decide :smiley:

I’m a middle level in my team, just level 147. That consolidates my decision, it was precisely the A&A 5 path I was thinking on :smiling_imp: Thanks for the porn @Warlord, even now in the morning was quite enjoyable! :joy::joy:

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